Editing Amber Deen in Her Fake Taxi Video

Editing Amber Deen in Her Fake Taxi Video

This Fake Taxi video starring Amber Deen has plenty of filthy action in it.  Not only does it showcase Amber Deen giving the taxi driver a hardcore rimjob, it also shows her with a buttplug hanging out of her arse.

I loved editing this Fake Taxi video.  Amber Deen is a great British pornstar who keeps in character and knows how to perform to the camera.

From an editors point of view, having professional, experienced pornstars in front of the camera is always reassuring when starting an edit.

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I am a freelance video editor from UK, who has been editing adult videos since 2013.

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I edit videos using Premiere Pro and I also have experience editing in Final Cut Pro.

I have a very fast internet connection that allows me to download content and upload very efficiently and reliably.

I am also social media aware.  I have gained over 17, 500 followers to my own Twitter account.

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