Sorry Dad I Fucked your Bitch – Brazzers Porn Advert

Sorry dad I fucked your bitch is porn ad from brazzers. Where a step mom sneaks to the sons room with a robe and they start fucking.

The step mom niche is still very much alive and kicking.  I wrote a porn blog about the rise of stepmom porn recently.

Sorry Dad I fucked your Bitch porn advert is taken from the Brazzers original video called Late Riser Gets Laid starring & .  Joslyn plays a hot and horny step mom, who is determined to get her stepson out of bed and ready to go and get a job.

But when the traditional methods of waking up a lazy ass stepson fail, she resorts to the only thing that she knows that won’t fail…an early morning fuck.

Kyle Mason cannot believe his luck.  He has fantasised about fucking his new stepmom’s pussy every since she started living with him and his dad.  He has often caught glimpses of her going in and out of the bathroom in just a small towel.

He has also heard his dad fuck her at night and he would love to get his cock wet in her pussy, and now this is his chance.

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