THREESOME Brazzers You’ve Changed Part 2

THREESOME Brazzers You've Changed Part 2 Kira Noir, Sailor Luna & Johnny Sins


After catching Kira Noir fucking his girlfriend, Johnny Sins wants her out of the house - now! She’s getting ready to leave with a nice steamy shower when he catches sight of her soaping up, and as much as he hates to admit it, he kind of gets where Sailor Luna was coming from…

That body could turn anyone on! Johnny interrupts her shower session, and the admiration goes both ways as she notices his big dick. Sailor Luna catches them in the middle of a steamy shower session, but decides that she can’t really be that mad - she just wants to be included!

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Brazzers You’ve Changed Part 1 Kira Noir, Sailor Luna


Brazzers You've Changed Part 1 Kira Noir, Sailor Luna

Sailor Luna has grown up and left her slutty bi-curious college days behind her, she’s all grown up now with a house and a boyfriend all to herself. After getting an impromptu phone call from one of her old classmates, Sailor can’t help but have fond memories of what she left behind.

When her boyfriend Johnny Sins starts to get jealous, she eases his worries with a messy and passionate blowjob. However, when Kira Noir comes over she realizes his fears aren’t entirely unfounded.

Kira is pissed that Sailor seems to have abandoned “the lifestyle” and accuses her of never liking girls in the first place. Sailor protests, and Kira sees if she’s really changed at all with scissoring turning into a strap-on fuck.

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