Editing the Fabulous Jai James for Fake Driving School

Editing the Fabulous Jai James for Fake Driving School.

It’s always a pleasure editing one of your favourite British ebony pornstars.  I have edited , so I was really happy to oblige once more.

This Fake Driving School video starring Jai James started in one of the heaviest snow storms to hit UK for years.  Driving instructor Ryan Ryder can hardly see out of the window to be able to pick up Jai from the side of the street.  But luckily, Jai James has an enormous pair of breast that stand out like a beacon!

Once inside the infamous orange FDS learner car, Jai puts on a great performance as a diva business woman who believes that she should just be able to be given a driving licence.  She has no intention of trying to learn to drive.

With Jai James’ fantastic cleavage on show, it was no surprise that this scene will be remembered for her huge boobs bouncing as she ride Ryan Ryder’s big cock on the back seat of the learner car.

I really enjoyed Jai’s character in this interracial Fake Driving School video.  I’m hoping that she will be back very soon in another FakeHub porn video.

Jai James’s FakeDriving School video was edited by XXXVideoEditor.

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XXXVideoEditor Edited Fake Driving School The Sex Party Try Out

XXXVideoEditor Edited Fake Driving School The Sex Party Try Out

Isabel Dean and Ryan Ryder in

This FDS video features Isabel Dean and Ryan Ryder.  There is also a cameo appearance from busty BBW Estella Bathory too.  The storyline to this driving lesson porn video is that Isabel and Estella are friends that go to sex parties.

They talk in code about their sexual gatherings, but driving instructor Ryan is not as stupid as he looks.  He soon figures out that these two bubble ladies are talking about their lesbian antics and bisexual tendencies.

Ryan is eager to know more about these sex parties and continues to drop massive hints that he would like to attend.  But Isabel is not sure that Ryan has what it takes to be able to perform at the sex parties that she attends.

There is only one way that Isabel Dean can be sure that it would be worth bringing Ryan Ryder to the next party of sex.  She would have to fuck him her self to find out if Ryan has what it takes, not to let her down.

I edited this Fake Driving School video using Premiere Pro.  Are you looking for a video editor to edit your porn videos?  XXXVideoEditor is available for hire.

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Madison Stuart in her Very First Porn Video

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This is British pornstar Madison Stuart showing us her big boobs in her very first porn video. She stars with Ryan Ryder in a Fake Driving School video.

This is the first time that new comer Madison has performed in a professional porn video. She has racked up plenty of hours in front of a web cam.

I beleive that Madison Stuart is now making the most of her new found porn fame by starring in plenty more porn videos of late.