Video Editing Fake Taxi Abigail Ash

Video Editing Fake Taxi Abigail Ash

Abigail Ash and Michael Fly star in

I really enjoy editing official Fake Taxi videos. It’s always a pleasure to be part of such a world wide famous porn site. It is a real claim to fame.

This Fake Taxi scene star the very hot Abigail Ash. She really tries hard to speak her very best English, and her accent is very sexy.

She takes the role of a physiotherapist who offers to help out the taxi driver by taking a look at his foot that he injured during a soccer game.

The taxi driver pulls over so Abigail can give her diagnosis on his foot. She tells him that his foot is slightly bruised. But as the taxi driver put his socks back on, Abigail’s hand brush his cock. She was taken by surprised about just how big hic cock felt.

She wanted a better look at his cock. She was very interested in seeing how much swelling his cock would produce when she popped it in her mouth.

The Fake Taxi Abigail Ash video called Lucky taxi drivers physio fuck was edited by me, XXXVideoEditor. I’m a freelance video editor who has over 6 years experience in editing top rated adult videos.

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