Nicolette Shea Hump Starting Her Ride HD Brazzers

Nicolette Shea Hump Starting Her Ride is the very latest Brazzers video that stars this famous blonde pornstar.  It was released on 24th October, 2018 for Real Wife Stories.

Every time I use my Brazzers password and see that Nicolette Shea is in a new video, my dick twitches.  I think my dick knows that as soon as my brain sees her name, I will become erect.

Nicolette Shea has become one of the worlds most popular pornstars on the planet. Her massive fake tits, huge bubble butt and long blonde hair make her so desirable.  When she started off in porn, I think she won every award going in her first 12 months.

So I am delighted to be able to add yet another awesome Nicolette Shea video to my porn blog.  In this new HD Brazzers video she gets her ass fucked by Michael Vegas.  Her legs are spread wide open.  She has a big cock in her ass but she keeps her high heels on.

Here’s the FULL Nicolette Shea Hump Starting Her Ride description

Nicolette Shea is fed up with her car’s mechanical problems, and even more upset that her husband can’t seem to fix them. They enlist the help of their neighbor, Michael Vegas.  He knows a thing or two about cars, but when he arrives, he’s far more captivated by Nicolette’s tits and ass than the vehicle.

Nicolette quickly makes her intentions known, using any obstacle she can find, including the car, to covertly blow and fuck Michael right under her oblivious husband’s nose. Even if her mechanical issues aren’t resolved, Nicolette’s soaking wet pussy gets the hump-start she’s craving!

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Brazzers Nylon Nuru HD Nathaly Cherie

Brazzers Nylon Nuru is the latest Dirty Masseur porn video released by Brazzers.  This new HD video was released on 24th October 2018.

This the very first time that Nathaly Cherie has appeared in a Brazzers porn video.  She has appeared in plenty of SexyHub videos in the past.

Here’s more about Nathaly Cherie as written by Brazzers

You can tell from the top of her perfectly coiffed blonde head to the tips of her pedicured toes, Czech bombshell Nathaly Cherie is a babe with expensive tastes.

The full effect of seeing her clad in a stunning dress that shows off her big-titted figure. Made up to the nines to emphasize her big, blue eyes and stunning blowjob lips, is definitely worth every penny!

Brazzers Nylon Nuru is her Debut

Although Nathaly looks like one of the hottest and most elegant Euro babes around. She’s also been surprising fans since her debut in 2012 as one of the nastiest as well!

Miss Cherie stars with Keiran Lee in Nylon Nuru.  It is a great new Brazzers scene.  Her body look so sexy, you could wank over it all fucking day.

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I Want It Harder HD Brazzers Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann is back in this Brazzers porn video called I Want it Harder.  This new Brazzers porn legends video is released on October 23rd, 2018.  Welcome back, Lisa Ann!

Yes the legendary pornstar Lisa Ann is back in a Brazzers HD video.  The once ‘Most Searched for Pornstar on the Internet’, is back with a bang.  Not only is Lisa Ann performing to her usual high standards, she is fucked in the ass.

It’s a real pleasure to be able to put this new Lisa Ann anal sex video on my web site.  This is officially her 48th Brazzers porn video to date.  Let’s all hope that her 50th scene will not be too far away.

In this scene called I Want It Harder, Lisa Ann is dressed in bright white yoga pants.  You can already see that she is wearing no panties.  She is having a spa day and is very much looking forward to her massage.

Her masseur for the day is Markus Dupree.  He instantly noticed Lisa Ann’s amazing bubble butt.  He tries to concentrate on hid job.  Lisa feels his hands wonder over her ass.  When she lets out a slow groan, Markus releases that this hot MILF is up for sex.

Lisa Ann strips out of her white see though yoga clothes and stand butt naked.  She drops to her knees and sucks his big cock.  Markus is in MILF heaven.  Having his cock suck by a true porn legend is something her will never forget.

But the best is yet to come.  Lisa Ann has not been fucked in the ass for a long time.  She guides Markus’s long cock into her oiled up butt hole and tell him to fuck her ass hard.

Here’s the Full I Want it Harder Lisa Ann Brazzers description

After a tough leg workout, Lisa Ann deserves a massage. She calls the spa and requests they send their top masseur. Markus Dupree arrives, but Lisa isn’t impressed. Markus insists he’s a professional and gets to work.

While he massages her, she keeps berating him for doing such a poor job. Lisa requests he puts some back into working out her knots. Her ass is tight and sore from all her exercise.

Markus pours oil over Lisa’s leggings and starts rubbing her ass. Lisa isn’t satisfied and keeps berating Markus until he can’t take it anymore. Markus tears open Lisa’s leggings and sticks a finger in her ass.

That gets Lisa’s attention. Markus might not be a great masseur, but he sure know how to fuck!

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In-Lawful Infidelity HD Brazzers Karmen Karma

In-Lawful Infidelity is the latest upcoming Brazzers HD video starring Karmen Karma and Xander Corvus.  It was released for Real Wife Stories on 23rd October, 2018.

Karmen Karma tars in her 16th Brazzers HD porn video.  She is joined by Xander Corvus.   He is enjoying starring in his 319th Brazzers video to date.

Here’s the Full In-Lawful Infidelity scene description

When Xander Corvus visits his brother, after having spent a year abroad. He is in awe of his new sexy sister-in-law, Karmen Karma.

Xander discovers that his brother has changed a lot since he’s last seen him. Now devoting his life to a bizarre religion and an ultra conservative lifestyle.

While Xander’s rowdy personality appears to offend his brother, Karma begins to wonder what it’d be like to have her new wild and flirtatious brother-in-law fuck her in the crazy ways her husband never would.

While in the guest room, Xander receives a late night visit from Karmen. Who wants Xander to make her fantasy a reality.

After some hesitation, Xander can’t turn down the opportunity.  He helps unleash Karmen’s inner wild side with a hot night of fucking, fulfilling her secret perverted desires!

He Came At Night Part 1 FULL HD

This is Brazzers He Came At Night Part 1 FULL HD porn feature video.  This was released for Brazzers Exxtra on October 22nd, 2018.

Heavily tattooed pornstar Bonnie Rotten stars in this Brazzers Extra video with Alex Legend.  A little early for the official Brazzers Halloween porn release.  This video is quite creepy.

In this new Brazzers porno, Bonnie is playing a home alone blonde.  She is playing with ha new sex toy and gets her tattooed tits out as she enjoys her new vibrator.

Miss Rotten looks stunning in a black dress.  She does her best to make herself cum, until there is a knock on the door.  It’s far too early for trick or treat!

Check out the Full He Came At Night Part 1 description

Bonnie Rotten is relaxing at home when she receives an unexpected delivery. She opens the mysterious package and is delighted to discover a vibrator in the box. Bonnie can’t help but make herself comfortable and try out her new toy.

She’s enjoying the gift when her phone rings from a private caller. Bonnie ignores the call and continues playing with her new vibrator, but her phone keeps ringing. Annoyed, Bonnie sits up and answers the phone.

There’s nothing but heavy breathing on the other end of the line and Bonnie questions the private caller confused. The caller mentions watching Bonnie and she gets turned on . Thinking the caller is her boyfriend Alex Legend playing a prank, Bonnie walks up to the window and presses her tits against the glass.

Things change when Bonnie Rotten sees a hooded figure watching her across the street. Alarmed, Bonnie drops the phone and runs terrified through the house. The doorbell starts ringing nonstop and Bonnie is on edge until a figure pops into view…

Is Bonnie about to scold her scoundrel boyfriend Alex with some hot sex or will she be kept up all night by someone a little more ominous?

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Mommy Meets A Teen Idol HD Brazzers

Kendra Lust and Rickey Spanish star in this new Brazzers video called Mommy Meets A Teen Idol.  It was released on October 22nd, 2018 for Mommy Got Boobs.

In this latest Brazzers HD porn video Ricky Spanish plays a teenaged male pop star.  He is doing one of those meet and greats that he is forced to do by his management company.

Normally these are very embarrassing for him as he has no interest in meeting his fans.  But today, he is greeted my a hot MILF.  Kendra Lust is one of his biggest fans.  She certainly has the best pair of tits that any of his fan have had.  He instantly feels attracted to this horny cougar.

As soon as everyone has left the room, Kendra starts to flirt and show Ricky her amazing body.  Ricky has only ever fucked teen groupies in the past.  Kendra lust is about to show him what a real woman can do to his big cock.

Here’s the Full Mommy Meets A Teen Idol scene description

Bratty popstar Ricky Spanish is forced to attend yet another meet and greet at the house of his mega fan. When he arrives he is immediately interested in the contest winner’s mom, Kendra Lust.

Ricky is so used to people fawning all over him, he finds Kendra’s indifference refreshing and becomes desperate to show her his appeal. He keeps his eye on Kendra while trying to placate his obsessive fan.

Ricky tries to find any way he can to get rid of Kendra’s daughter so he can cozy up to her!

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Dystopian Dicking Brazzers HD Ivy Lebelle

Danny D and Ivy Lebelle star together in this Brazzers HD video called Dystopian Dicking.  The latest Brazzers video was released on 21st October, 2018.

I have to be honest, I didn’t actually know what dystopian mean’t until I googled it. Dystopian means “an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.”

So it seems the logical location to create a hardcore anal sex video.  Watching any female pornstar take Danny D’s huge cock in her arse always amazes me.  I get nervous if my wife gets her little finger close to my chocolate starfish!

But Ivy Lebelle takes on Danny’s monster cock like a pro.  She is able to slide his meat-stick deep in her anal cavity and ride it reverse cowgirl.

Check out Miss Lebelle in her 9th Full Brazzers feature porn video.  She looks very sexy getting fucked in the ass in just a pair of ripped fishnet stockings.

Here’s the FULL Dystopian Dicking scene description

In a dystopian future where men are nearly extinct and sold on the black market for sex, detective Danny D is searching for his missing partner.

His investigation leads him to a very peculiar bar, where he meets the mysterious and sexy owner, Ivy Lebelle. Ivy has some information regarding his partner’s whereabouts, but it won’t come without a price: a taste of Danny’s big cock!

Never one to turn down a hot lead, Danny face fucks Ivy and pounds her pussy, giving her the dystopian dicking she’s been craving!

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Brazzers Going Under HD Full Links

Brett Rossi and Johnny Sins star in this Brazzers Going Under HD full feature video.  It was produced for Doctor Adventures and released on 21st October, 2018.

If you’ve ever had to go to hospital for an operation, you may of ben anaesthetised.  The couple of times that I have had to go through that procedure, I was quite nervous.  Would I ever wake up…what if something went wrong?

But for Johnny Sins, the only thing he had to worry about, was not getting an erection during his operation.  While he was waiting to go under, his hot nurse was flirting with him.  Johnny could see through Brett Rossi’s sex nurse uniform.  He was imagining what she would look like naked.

Just as male pornstar Johnny Sins fell asleep she wondered what it would feel like to fuck his hot nurse in just her black nylon pantyhose. OH dear, Johnny is going to have the wettest dream he has ever had.

Here’s the FULL Brazzers Going Under Scene Description.

Johnny Sins is going in for surgery and being put under the gas by an insanely hot anesthesiologist, Brett Rossi.

The moment Johnny is out, he fantasizes about Brett in a sexy nurse’s outfit, garter belt and stockings, where she performs a special hard rocking strip tease for him in the operating room.

Brett removes Johnny’s hospital gown, and as soon as she sees his big rock star cock, she completes his fantasy with a mind blowing suck and fuck!

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Stuck & Fucked HD Brazzers Carolina Sweets

Beautiful Carolina Sweets gets her teen pussy fucked in Stuck & Fucked from Brazzers.  Keiran Lee is the lucky guy getting his dick wet in this October 2018 released porno.

Hot teen stepdaughter Carolina Sweets gets her wish granted and has sex with Keiran Lee.  This slutty teen babe has been trying get Keiran’s attention for a while.  She is permanently flirting with her own stepdad.  But Keiran has always resisted the temptation of fucking Carolina’s teen pussy, until now…

Here’s the Full Stuck & Fucked scene description from Brazzers

Carolina Sweets has the hots for her stepdad Keiran Lee, but he doesn’t think of her like that. Carolina decides to look up kinky sex positions to attract him, but when she tests out a pretzel position she gets stuck!

Keiran walks in on Carolina and is shocked to see her pussy fully exposed. He goes to help her out, but he can’t help checking out her tight pussy in the process.

Flattered that Carolina would go through all that trouble for him, Keiran decides to give her the fuck she’s been dreaming of!

Stuck & Fucked 01Photo 1 : Stuck & Fucked

Here we see Carolina Sweets just about to put Keiran Lee’s big cock in her teenaged mouth.

This 18 year old hotty already know show to please a guy by slowly teasing and licking the very edge of his bell-end.

Keiran’s erection is in no doubt and aching to be sucked by his stepdaughter.

Stuck & Fucked 02Photo 2 : Stuck & Fucked

Keiran Lee has Sweet Carolina in the face down arse up position.  Carolina has her mouth wide open as Keirans cock slow glides into her wet pussy.

Finally she has a big cock in her pussy.  Her pussy has never taken such a wide girth before.  Her mind is now full of anticipation as her stepdad begins to give her the fuck of her life.

Stuck & Fucked 03Photo 3 : Stuck & Fucked

This hot teen is now full of confidence.  Her pussy is very wet and she has decided to try riding on top.

It’s a tight squeeze to get Keiran’s meat stick into her tiny cunt, but Carolina is determined to ride his cock.

This could be her only opportunity to get fucked by a big cock before going back to college.

Stuck & Fucked 04Photo 4 : Stuck & Fucked

Kerian Lee now has his step daughter riding reverse cowgirl.  There is no stopping this slutty teen from satisfying her new stepdad.

She has his cock deep in her pussy and speading her pussy lips open and playing with her clit.  If she is going to have an orgasm, she wants to remember it for a very long time.

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Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer HD

River Fox and Xandra Sixx star in Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer HD lesbian video.  This Hot and Mean video was released on October 20th, 2018.

River Fox and Xandra Sixx make their Brazzers debut together in this sexy lesbian yoga video from Brazzers.

I’m a big fan of these yoga themed porn videos.  I think its the vibrant colours of the lycra outfits that the female performers wear.

River is a wannabe yoga-pro eager to learn from the daring and devious yoga pro Xandra. Xandra gives River some lessons in hot girl-on-girl sex as she helps her stretch it out and put her pussy to work.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 01Photo 1 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Here we can see Xandra Sixx sitting behind River Foxx.  She has her hand over River’s pussy trying to get under her tight pink leotard.

River looks like she is about to cum already.  Xandra also has the top of River’s leotard in her mouth. I think she wants to rip it off with her teeth.  River’s legs are wide open.  She is definitely ready for lesbian sex at this point.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 02Photo 2 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Here River and Xander are now both totally naked.  The tight fitted leotards have come off.

River has her face buried inside Xander’s pussy and eating her out.  Xander is bent over double so River can get her tongue as deep as possible.The hot blonde Xander Sixx’s face shows you just how much she is enjoying having her pussy licked.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 03Photo 3 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Now these to Brazzers debutants are in a lesbian 69 position.  River is on top gently licking Xandra’s clit.  Xander looks like she is away on a different planet.

She is concentrating very hard on trying to make River Fox cum.  She would love to have this hot brunette have an orgasm on her face.

Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer 04Photo 4 : Brazzers Yoga Brings You Closer

Xander Sixx is very flexible.  As you can see in this lesbian oral sex photo.  She is bent over backward on all fours while River Fox gleefully licks her clit.

This is probably the best example of lesbian yoga sex you will find on the internet at the moment.  These to beauties really look fantastic in skin tight leotards, as they do when they are totally naked.

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