Video Editing Fake Taxi Scene Featuring Cassie Del Isla

Video Editing Fake Taxi Scene Featuring Cassie Del Isla.

The first thing I should say about this scene is WOW, what an incredible body Cassie Del Isla has.  This French pornstar amazed me when she started stripping off after the Fake Taxi driver gave her the opportunity for a free taxi ride.  He gave her the story about it being a tradition that if a foreign woman flashes her tits, she gets a free ride.

Not only did I get to edit Cassie Del Isla whilst watching her fantastic body, I was also treated with it being a great anal sex FakeTaxi video.  John the British taxi driver had to really concentrate to stop himself from cuming in her tight little butthole.

I will remember editing this classic anal sex FakeTaxi video for a long time to come.  Her body and her anal sex technique was a real pleasure to watch and edit.

Anal sex with a French babe edited by XXXVideoEditor

Editing the Anissa Kate Public Agent Video Smashed 10 Million on PornHub

Editing the Anissa Kate Public Agent Video Smashed 10 Million on PornHub

I remember editing this Public Agent outdoor sex scene very well.  Who could possibly forget Anissa Kate’s amazing pair of big tits? As I was uploading new videos to PornHub, I noticed that this tube video that I edited has now been seen over 10 million times.

This video features top .  She is playing the part of a hot wife that is left alone by the side of a lake, fishing! FISHING?  yes, fishing.

Her husband has left her standing with the rod in her hand while he goes to the shops to buy some food for the evening camp fire.  Miss Kate is wearing a FakeTaxi snap back cap.  when Public Agent approached her from behind.  He explains that he is a Fake Taxi fan too.

As they get talking, her whopping big boobs become too much of a distraction.  Her cleavage is out for all to see.  As it is a Public Agent porn scene, the subject of sex soon raises it’s head.  She is offered a lot of cash to get her big juices fun bags out for the Public Agent to have a play with.

While her husband is away, she takes the opportunity to earn some extra cash and gets on her knees to perform a high class blowjob in POV style.

If you like sexy brunette women with massive boobs, then Anissa Kate is the perfect pornstar for you.

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