Porn Ad of Blonde in a Pink Bikini getting Sun Creamed

The porn ad showing a blonde women getting sun cream rubbed on her is called Wet Hot American Stunner. It is a porn video from Reality Kings.

The blonde in the tiny pink bikini is Riley Star. The male pornstar is Ramon.

This scene shows Riley Star sunbathing next to her outdoor swimming pool. She asks the pool boy to rub suncream on her back. She seduces the pool boy behind her dads back. Her dad thinks that the pool cleaner is going to try and fuck his daughter.

Here is the full scene description, from Reality Kings...

Riley Star is extremely horny, only she’s grounded for flunking out of college. Riley lounges around the pool wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini that shows off her extremely sexy slender body!

Unable to leave her house, Riley decides to seduce the pool boy, Ramon, for the cock she’s been craving since leaving college! But Ms. Star's father keeps a close eye on her and the pool boy to make sure nothing happens—so these two have to sneak behind his back!

Riley teases Ramon with her perky tits and slutty behavior as she asks him to rub oil all over her tight body! With a dripping wet pussy, Riley can't wait to suck and fuck Ramon's big dick, but can this slutty college dropout keep herself from moaning too loud, or will her nosy father catch her in the act of fucking around poolside?

Looks like this wet hot American stunner got the cock she's been craving, but will that be enough to tide her over all summer long? Or will this sneaky slut be needing Ramon to cum again soon?

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Brazzers Getting My Hands On A MILF Bridgette B

Wow. Bridgette B is back and looking a million dollars. OMG her body, her tits and that big ass!! She is all oiled up and ready to be fucked in a Dirty Masseur porn video with Lucas Frost.

Lucas Frost is just out for a walk minding his own business when Bridgette B walks passed him. She is one of the hottest blonde MILF's she has ever seen. As she walks passed him, her boobs gentle bounce up and down. He cannot resist accidentally brushing his elbow against her left breast.

Lucas found out that this hot MILF has just moved into the same neighbourhood. He had to think of a plan to get into her knickers. He really wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

Lucas rented some massage equipment. He got a fold up massage table, all the erotic oils and a set of luxury white towels. He also bought a copy of How To Give Your Partner a Sexual Massage to read very quickly. When he thought that he could perform a sensual massage, he plucked up the courage and knocked on her front door.

Lucas convinced Bridgette B that he was a surprise masseur booked by her husband while he was away on business. Lucas told her that her husband had prepaid him for a full body massage and that she could have any extras that she wanted.

Bridgette B was a little sceptical at first, standing in her silky dressing gown, especially as she didn't have a husband. She decided to play along with this guy. He was obviously just there to try and fuck her pussy. Bridgette B had not had sex for 2 days so her pussy was ready for new cock.

Lucas got to work on Bridgette's naked body. He could not believe that he had actually talked his way into her house and had her naked within ten minutes. Little did he know that she was already ware of his plan and was going to give him everything that he could dream about.

As she laid on her front, she asked Lucas if it was about time that she rolled over so he could massage her huge tits. Lucas was lost for words. As he started to spread sensual massage oil all over her huge boobs, his cock started to show though the top of his trousers.

He could not stop gaining an erection. As the tip of his cock started to show, Bridgette B start to play with it. Lucas could feel her hand dive into his pants and play with his balls. He was in heaven. His plan had worked.

Watch Bridgette B AKA Spanish Doll, get fucked by Lucas Frost while she is covered in massage oil. Her body, tits and ass look absolutely fantastic. The scene finishes with a great cumshot all over her big tits. The only thing missing from this scene is a bit of anal.

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The Second Cumming: Part 2 Brandi Love and Brett Rossi

I've already reviewed The Second Cumming Part One, so I'm more than happy to bring you part two. This time Brandi Love herself is in this scene. Brandi Love, Bret Rossi and Keiran Lee altogether to make one great threesome porn video.

Brett Rossi is back talking to Dr Lee about her belief that she is in fact Brandi Love. In part one Keiran Lee fucks her to find out if she really can fuck like Brandi Love. His conclusion was not conclusive.

Keiran Lee decides to contact Brandi Love directly. He needs her to come and take a look at Brett Rossi and find out is she can shed any light on this strange occurrence. Brandi Love arrives at Dr Lee's clinic to help him with his medical analysis.

After observing some of the footage from last weeks sex session where Keiran Lee fucked Brett Rossi, Brandi can see that Miss Rossi really does have some of the pornstar moves that make Brandi such a huge hit in the porn industry. Could Bret Rossi be mentally ill and actually believe that she is Brandi Love.

Keiran and Brandi decide that the best thing to do would be to allow Brett Rossi to meet Brandi Love and hopefully this will make Brett realise that Brandi Love is a real person and is very much alive and kicking.

This is exactly what Brett was hoping for. This was her plan all along. She just wanted to chance to meet Brandi Love and hopefully get the chance to get naked with her and fuck.

As Brett enters the clinic, she continues to act like Brandi Love. She walks like her, talks like her and flirts like her. Brandi is very impressed. But there was one thing that Miss Rossi has not shown and that was how she interacts in a lesbian sex situation.

Keiran Lee and Brandi Love explain to Brett that the only way to properly diagnose her mental illness is for her to have lesbian sex with Brandi Love. Of course Brett agreed whole heartedly. She was so keen to get her tongue stuck into Brandi Love's pussy.

This Pornstars Like It Big porn video takes place in a doctors clinic. When the storyline is set up, the sex is truely amazing. Brett Rossi and Brandi Love both look in fine form. The way Brett Rossi tries to mimic Brandi Love in a porn threesome is really well done.

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Elsa Jean & Katrina Jade Brazzers HD Video

Top blonde petite porn star Elsa Jean and Raven haired hotty Katrina Jade are giving away all their sexy secrets in a Day With a Pornstar video from Brazzers. Dressed ins sexy red bikini's, these to top rated pornstars are ready to reveal everything to their loyal army of fans in this no holds bared porn interview.

I'm not going to giveaway what this interview contains. You will have to watch the full video to find out what sexual position make these tiny pornstar cum the fastest. They also reveal how they like to be treated by guys and girls and what is the best way to get them into bed.

Of course this wouldn't be a Brazzers porn video without actual sex, would it? So enter Keiran Lee. He has a few questions of his own that he would like to be answered. There is no better way of answering most of Keirans questions than by showing him.

Elsa Jean and Katrina Jade, film a threesome porn video with Keiran Lee. This excellent threesome is set next to a swimming pool lite by real log fires. It's a really exotic looking location. Katrina and Elsa star by giving Keiran a lesbian show. They start by giving each other slow kisses. Their hands explore each others petite bodies and their kisses become more passionate.

Eventually they both start rubbing each other pussies through the red swimsuits. When they cannot take anymore pussy teasing, they take off the swimsuits and start sucking on Keiran Lees cock. Katrina concentrates on his long shaft, while Elsa Jean sucks on on his big balls. The POV is a great sight. Two hot babes giving oral sex at the same time would be enough for most guys to blow their loads.

Watch these two hot petite pornstars ride on Keiran's cock. they both take it in turns to ride him cowgirl. Elsa Jean loves to ride it as Katrine rubs her clit at the same time. It makes her cum so quickly.

For Katrina, she love to have Keiran Lees cock in her pussy as Elsa Licks her arsehole. A big cock in her pussy and a hot blonde rimming her butthole is just pure heaven for Katrina Jade.

Find out what else these to fun loving bisexual pornstars love to get up to but watching Elsa Jean and Katrina Jade fuck Keiran Lee at the same time.

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Nicolette Shea Mind Blowing Brazzers HD Video

Nicolette much hotness for one pornstar. If you were going to create a perfect pornstar on a computer, then I would say 80% of all computer generated pornstar would look like Nicolette Shea.

She has the long blonde hair, the huge tits, the big ass, and a set of great blowjob lips. She is basically going to rule the adult industry for the next 10 years in my opinion. I would love to see Nicolette Shea take a trip to the UK and get in the back of the FakeTaxi. A Nicolette FakeTaxi video would be fucking awesome!

Until then, we are always treated to Nicolette performing in Brazzers videos. This is her 9th official Brazzers video to date. Brazzers are definitely making the most of this outstanding pornstar. This scene for Doctors Adventures, feature Nicolette playing the role of a hot assistant who is helping out in a medical experiment.

Xander Corvus is the lucky guy who is locked in a room with the stunning blonde pornstar. All he has to do is complete a simple memory test. But how could anyone concentrate when Nicolette Shea is standing over them with her big tits half hanging out. She is wearing a tight black skirt and a white blouse with the top buttons undone. Surely she must realiser that her figure is to distracting.

Nicolette's only job is to suck his cock every time he got an answer wrong. But the catch is that she must not let him cum. this is a kind of torture. Having Nicolette Shea's lips wrapped around your bell-end would he the furthest away from torture, but if you are kept on the edge of orgasm for to long, it can make a guy go crazy.

Once the test is over, Xander really needs to bust his nuts, but the door is kept locked. There is no way out. Nicolette can see that this guy is going to lose his mind if he does not unload his balls. Being a good assistant, Nicolette Shea reveals her huge boobs for Xander. He begs her not to tease him anymore. This time she let him closer. She take off her tight black skirt and pulls her panties to one side for Xander to slip his cock into.

Finally Xander is free to empty his balls. But Nicolette wants to get her own orgasm first. She slows Xander down and tells him to relax. She doesn't want him to blow his load too soon.

Watch Nicolette Shea ride his cock for all she is worth. Xander does very well not to shoot his beans to early. When the time tis right, Nicolette aims his cock at he giant tits and let Xander cover her boobs in his hot white cum.

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Brazzers I Don’t Eat Out Elsa Jean and Nina Elle

Elsa Jean is one of my new favourite blonde porn stars. Her petite body, long blonde hair and sexy little smile has brought her to my attention. If you are a Elsa Jean fan like me, then you definitely need to be following her on Instagram. The account is full of really sexy non nude photos of her.

So, as you can imagine, I was delighted to see her in a new Brazzers threesome porn video with Nina Ella and Lucas Frost. To be honest, I was very surprised to see Nina Ella cast as a MOM so soon in her porn career. I don't think she is quite ready to be called a MILF just yet.

But as I watch Brazzers I Don't Eat Out, I soon realise that Nina is in face a stepmom. So she isn't actually a biological mom of either Lucas or Elsa, so it work out right. Having Nina and Elsa together, both with blonde hair, make the promotional photos look great.

So what id this scene all about then? Well, Lucas is Elsa Jeans boyfriend. The problem for Elsa is that Lucas refuses to lick her pussy. He claims that he had a very unfortunate incident the last time he tried eating pussy with his ex-girlfriend. I'm not sure what could cause such a trauma? The only think I could possibly imagine is that his girlfriend must of started her period mid-pussy eating. That would put my off for a while to be fair.

Over hearing the conversation about his pussy eating problem, his stepmom, Nine Elle walks into the bedroom. Lucas and Elsa both rush to cover up as they were just in their underwear. Nina puts their minds at rest by saying that she has no problem with them having sex whilst she is in the house. In fact Nina told them that she was there to help. She understood that young coupes sometimes struggle with oral sex. It takes a lot of experience to get it right every time.

Nina takes her clothes off and shows Lucas where to lick. She give him an oral sex lesson whilst his girlfriend looks on. Elsa watches her boyfriend lick his stepmoms pussy. Rather than being jealous, Elsa was very grateful. Know she can get her pussy licked precisely how it should be.

Brazzers I Don't Eat Out continues into a real sexy threesome between a stepmom, her stepson and his girlfriend. Of course Elsa Jean looks a million dollars, and she spends a good deal of time rimming Nina Elle's arsehole while Lucas is fucking her arse.

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Brazzers Getting Obscene On The Trampoline

So many people have a trampoline in their back garden these days. I'm hoping it is just a craze that will fizzle out of time. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than a lovely big garden being ruined by a huge trampoline in the middle of it.

However, saying that, if I had a big enough garden where I could discreetly place a trampoline just to fuck the wife on, then I'll be all for it.

Bouncy Anal Sex on a Trampoline

Brazzers have the same idea in this Big Butts Like it Big anal sex video. They have teamed up Keiran Lee and Kenzie Taylor to have anal sex on a trampoline. Kenzie Taylor is a hot blonde who love getting a big cock in her butt, so when Brazzers approached her about this scene, she was over joyed to be apart of it (I would assume).

So when you take a sexy blonde anal sex lover and a male pornstar like Keiran Lee, then this scene should be a winner. Add a bouncy trampoline into the mix and it gives an extra spring!

Watch smoking hot Kenzie Taylor get her body covered in sensual body oil as she prepares her arse for anal penetration. Her arse needs to be totally relaxed if it is going to take Keiran Lee's 10 inch cock.

The sex starts with Miss Taylor giving Keiran a world class blowjob. She loves to try and force his big cock down her throat as far as it will go before she starts to gag on it. Even as she gags, she continues to try and get every inch of his cock down her throat.

The bright sunshine reflects off her long blonde hair as he head bobs up and down. The sound of a sloppy blowjob can be heard through the close up microphone. Keiran Lee's manhood is rock hard and ready for some anal action.

When the anal sex on a trampoline starts, it is certainly worth waiting for. Kenzie is ready and waiting for Keiran's long cock to start squeezing into her tight butt-hole. Her arse is very well lubricated and Keiran's cock is gently guided between her butt cheeks like a true pro.

Kenzie Taylor has her arse pounded just the way she likes it. Her anal orgasms are intense and frequent. Keiran Lee unleashed his load deep inside her anal passage to leave her with a generous anal creampie.

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Brazzers Bounce Her Bailey Brooke and Bill Bailey

A lot of girls try to get into clubs that they know they are either too young to go to or they are already too drunk to get into. However, this does not stop Bailey Brooke trying to get into one of the trendiest night clubs in town. She is barely 18 years old and she knows that she has to be at least 21 to get in.

She casually walks up to the door and tries to get in. But she is stopped by the doorman. He asks her for some ID to prove how old she is. When she cannot provide proof of age, bouncer Bill Bailey refuses her entry. Bailey Brooke tries to convince Bill that she is 21 years old.

Bill takes a few looks at her and still believes that she is too young to enter the club. Bailey Brooke does look very sexy. She is dressed in a black see though top that exposes her bra that is barely holding her tits in. Bill Bailey would love to have a play her her teen tits.

Bailey Brooke explains that all her friends are in the nightclub and she will have to wait for them to come out at the end of the night so she can get a ride home. Bill tells her that she can wait in the security room. As soon as Bill has nobody left in the queue, he walks in to the security room to check on Bailey. She looks so hot. Bill decides that he wants to fuck her in the security room.

Bill asks her how much she really wants to go in to the nightclub. She tells him that she would do anything to gain entry. Anything? Yes anything. Bill took another look at Bailey's hot teen body. Bailey knew that her tit and ass could get her out of most situations. This time she was going to fucker her way into a nightclub.

Bailey Brooke told Ill that he could fuck her teen pussy if he let her into the nightclub. She tells him that she would spread her legs wide open for him so he could slide his big cock into her. This is a deal that Bill was hoping for. He pulls her panties to one side and bends her over. He fucks her from being, hard and fast.

He knew he would not have much time to spend fucking this hot slutty teen. Her tits bounced and swung as Bill fucked her hard. She was loving every minute of it. She loved big cock so much.

Just before Bill was going to cum he whips his cock out of her pussy and shoots his load all over her tits. Entry has now been approved.

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Brazzers The Nuru Guru Jessica Ryan Interracial Porn

A real piece of interracial porn going on right here. If you like watching big black cock fucking blonde white women, then you have found the perfect video.

This scene is set in a massage parlour. Price Yashua has heard great things about this new massage parlour. Some of his friends have already been there and told him that it's the best place to get a massage with a happy ending.

The mean reason why this massage parlour is so popular is because it has the sexiest masseuses around. When Prince Yashua laid eyes on Jessica Ryan, she knew that his friends were not telling lies about this place.

As soon as Yashua laid down on the massage table, he watched Jessica take off all her clothes right in front of his face. He had never seen a masseuse take of every item of clothing so slowly and sexually. Prince could already feel his cock reacting to her sexy body.

Jessica Ryan began to rub Prince Yashua's back with her oily hands. Prince felt all his aches and pains slowly drift away. He was in the perfect stat of relaxation. Once Jessica had stopped using her hands, she started to rub her perfect tits up and down his back. This was pure massage heaven for any male.

When Jessica Ryan had finished massaging his back, she told him to roll over so she could work on his chest. Prince Yashua rolled over as requested. Jessica was not expecting to see the top of his big black cock pocking over the top of his trousers. She knew that plenty of guys get erections during her massage, but she has never seen one so fat.

Prince Yashua explained that her massage technique had made him very aroused. Jessica was very flattered. She liked the idea that his big cock was erect because of her. She rolled her hands down his body and slowly played with the tip of his BBC.

This is why his friends had recommended this particular massage parlour. He was going to get his happy ending after all. He was expecting Jessica to slowly wank him off until he came. But Jessica wanted his huge black cock in her mouth. Why should he be the only one who got a happy ending.

Jessica Ryan thought that she should also be able to get what she wanted, and she wanted this big black dick in her pussy.

Watch hot blonde pornstar Jessica Ryan getting fucked by Prince Yashua's big fat black cock in a massage parlour. Brazzers The Nuru Guru is the second porn video from Brazzers that Jessica Ryan has appeared in.

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Brazzers Two Balls in the Corner Pocket Luna Star

Luna Star makes another grandstand performance in an anal sex porn video. Her wonderful big ass is being fucked on camera buy Sean Lawless.

Luna Star plays a sexy waitress wearing very short denim shorts. You can almost see her arsehole every time she bends over. Sean Lawless really wants a piece of her big butt. Every time Luna bends over, he gives her arse a slap. At first she is a little offended, but as he flirts with her throughout the night, she starts to warm to his charms.

By the end of the night, Luna Star challenges Sean to a high stakes game of pool. But this game of pool did not involve any cash. The deal was that if Sean won this game of pool, then he would get to fuck Luna Star in the ass.

Luna was a great pool player. She was certain that she would win. But in the back of her head she really wanted to be fucked in the arse. As the game got down to the last few balls, Luna Star deliberately missed the final black-ball.

She could not miss out on the chance of anal sex over the pool table. She let Sean win their pool match and she slowly pulled her short denim shorts down over her big round ass. Sean pulled her red thong out of her arse and licked her tight little butt hole.

Sean could tell that Luna loved having her arse hole licked out. He could hear her moan every time his tongue went deep into her shitbox. Luna Star was bent over the pool table and was ready to take Sean's cock into her arse.

She cocked one leg up onto the pool table and guided Sean's big cock in to her butthole. It was a tight squeeze at first, but as her arse began to relax, Sean was able to start pumping her arse over the pool table.

Luna Star was in anal heaven. She loved nothing more than a big dick being thrust in and out of her chunky ass. Plenty of guys have fucked her arse in the past, and she knew just how to ride it.

Luna Star looks incredibly sexy in this Brazzers anal sex video called Two Balls in the Corner Pocket. It really shows off Luna's famous big round butt. Luna Star fans will be very happy to see her being fucked in the arse by a big dick over a pool table.

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Brazzers In The Lap Of Luxury Jessa Rhodes

Being rich obviously has it's benefits when it comes to getting laid. As soon as women know that you have a lot of money, then I can only presume that they are willing to fuck you just to get a bit of the luxury lifestyle.

I'm not rich, so I can't say that every women would be happy to fuck a rich guy just to be able to be able to live like a queen for the rest of her life. But for some women, like Jessa Rhodes in Brazzers The Lap of Luxury, she would rather steal the cash rather than have to sleep with a rich guy for the rest of her life.

She has just woken up from a night with mega-rich Keiran Lee. She spent the night with hi when she found out that he had loads of cash and a big dick. The jackpot for most women. But Jessa was not the kind of girl that could stay in one place for too long. She was a professional con artist. She just wanted to fuck Keiran and then steal his jewellery from his house.

Jessa did not realise that he was actually married, and his house was fully of expensive women's jewellery and clothing. Keiran explained that his wife was away on business so they had the house to themselves.

Jessa could not believe how hard she got fucked that night. He pussy had never been pounded for so hard and for so long. Most of the rich guys she fucks cannot last more than 10 minutes in bed. But Keiran Lee was a sex expert and gave Jessa multiple orgasms throughout the night.

When she woke up in the morning, all she could think about was how to gather as much jewellery as she could and then leave without be caught. She though she had just about got away when she finds Keiran Lee sitting downstairs in a chair with his big cock in his hand.

He explained that he knew that she would try and steal from him. He said he didn't care. He even said that he would let her have the jewellery if she fucked him again before she left.

This was a no brainer to Jessa Rhodes. All she had to do was to fuck a big cock once more and then she would be way with his wife's diamond rings and necklaces
One thing was for sure...Keiran Lee was not going to let her get away until he gave her a pearl necklace of his own..

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