My Son’s Teacher Ariella Ferrera & Charles Dera

Ariella is new in town and adamant about taking part in the PTA. She has a great idea for a school fundraiser but unfortunately has been getting a lot of push back from some of the other moms.

Luckily, she has a great plan to garner some much needed teacher support for her cause. Ariella decides to seduce the teacher-adviser on the board—even if it means playing a game of sexual hide-and-seek around the house to avoid her son finding out just how far she’ll go for him.

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Brazzers VIP Ashly Anderson & Jessy Jones

Ashly is a bottle service hostess in the VIP area when a big name celeb comes to town. Her boss stresses to her that she must do absolutely everything to make sure the special VIP enjoys his time at their club.

That’s no problem for her a talented and qualified service professional like Ashly. From a cool cocktail to a hot pussy, she’s is ready to do whatever she needs to to make sure this hot-shot celeb feels like he received top of the line service.

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Water Shortage Poundage Reagan Foxx & Robby Echo

Reagan is more than willing to do her part for the environment. When she hears that there’s a water shortage, she figures it would be perfectly fine for her step-son Robby and her to share the shower. What harm could possibly happen if they are both wearing bathing suits?

Robby is a little more weirded out by the idea, but decides to go along with it to satisfy his step-mom. Things get a little steamy in the shower, when Reagan starts rubbing her luscious breasts against Robby. Reagan is quick to take advantage of the situation, giving Robby a wet and wild ride he isn’t soon to forget.

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Personal Touch Ella Knox & Johnny Sins

Ella is a personal assistant with a great new job working for a successful mogul (Johnny). Lately, she’s developed feelings for him but kept her distance because he’s married.

But when Johnny gives her a bonus surprise she wasn’t expecting, she can’t help but wonder if there’s a chance he feels the same way. Risking her job and her pride, she waits for him to return with a surprise of her own. Without risk there’s no reward, and Ella’s risk winds up getting a reward for everyone.

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The Art Of Anal Mercedes Carrera & Kyle Mason

Ms. Mercedes Carrera is a renowned art professor with an ass that belongs in a Classics gallery. On the first day of her figure-drawing class, new student Kyle learns that her teaching methods can be quite unconventional. She wants a peep at what her pupil is packing…and after, she wants it in her plump behind.

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School of Cock porn Ad Showing Lena Paul with Big Natural Boobs

Lena Paul has great big swinging natural boobs.  They are truly on show in Reality Kings porn advert with the School of Cock tagline on it.

This awesome short video porn advert shows her famous RK scene where she bends over opening the fridge and exposing her big butt in a pair of short black shorts.

Lena Paul was barely dressed when she was checking out the fridge. Nathan Red got upset. If only his dad knew how she dressed. Lena ignored this weirdo and went to have a shower.

The hot water caressed her body while her fantasies went wild and her fingers slipped into her pussy and ass. Nathan was a perv. Quietly he sneaked into the bathroom with his phone set to film. Watching Lena have wild fantasies was even hotter than whatever she was fantasizing off.

Lena opened her eyes. That sneaky bastard! She quickly grabbed him and offered a deal: trade the video for the real thing. They started to make out under the shower. First she gave him a hot blowjob. Then she put her leg up on the dividing wall and he fucked her from the back.

He spun her around and pressed her big breasts against the glass door. They moved the action to the living room. Blowjob, spooning, ass licking, missionary, doggy style, her riding him until he came in her face and on her tits. Wait!

That’s not all folks! Lena stuck her fingers into her pussy and brought herself to a wild climax!

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Nicolette Shea Massage Mirage Hot Blonde with Huge Fake Tits

Fans favourite pornstar Nicolette Shea is a saucy masseuse who convinces Johnny Sins that she is just a sexy massage mirage and that he should just lay back and think of England.

Johnny shows up to a massage appointment at a new spa place where he meets masseuse Nicolette. Before the massage, she explains that they use heat from various sources to create an optimal environment for his muscles. It all sounds great, at first, except he quickly starts to overheat.

When Nicolette appears in his massage room, naked and unabashed, he’s unsure if it’s real or a hallucination from the heat, but as soon as he feels her sensual touch it no longer matters. He ends up getting the sexiest and most thorough massage he’s ever had—complete with cock-milking. But when he goes to thank her at the end, she’s nowhere to be found. Was it all just a beautiful mirage?!

Moms Best Friend Took My Virginity

Jordi El Nino Polla stars in this ultimate male teenage fantasy called Moms Best Friend Took My Virginity.  Ariella Ferrera is the hot brunette MILF who cannot keep her hands of Jordi’s huge Spanish cock.

Top rated MILF Ariella has her big juicy tits out on display as Jordi pays her a visit with his Mom.  Ariella has heard all the rumours about Jordi’s huge long dick.  She has heard from the neighbours that his cock is the biggest on the neighbourhood.

Nobody has ever seen it fully erect.  Some of the neighbours had seen him naked through his bathroom window and spotted his very long manhood.

As soon as Jordi’s Mom left the room, Ariella Ferrera set about finding out is the rumours where true.  It did not take long for her to find out just how big his cock was.  She went under the table to start touching his crutch.  As a 18 year old virgin, his cock did not need at lot of attention to get it fully erect.  She could feel the length of his dick through his trousers.

Jordi does very well not to blow his load before his cock came out of his trousers.  A MILF like Ariella Ferrera knows how to handle a 18 year old guy.  She slows him down and gradually sucks his cock and slides it between her big MILF tits.

Watch her ride Jordi in the kitchen before his mom returns.  This porn advert comes from the original video called .

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Anissa Kate Fucked in a Tent in Public Agent Porn Video

Anissa Kate has one of the best pair of natural tits thatI have ever had the privilege to edit on a Public Agent porn video.  In this scene she is playing the part of a wife who has been left holding the fishing rods while her husband goes to the shops to get some food.

The Public Agent is spying on her from behind a bush.  He cannot take his eyes of her amazing body.  Anissa is wearing a Fake Taxi snap back cap.  This gives the Public Agent guy the perfect reason to engage in conversation with her.

Anissa is startled wen she spots him approaching her.  He explains that he just wanted to talk to her about her Fake Taxi cap.  Anissa explains that she is a fan of pornography.  She is then offered a lot of cash to make a short porn video while her husband is away at the shops.

After a bit of persuasion and an increase in the cash offer, Anissa Kate finally agrees to perform sex acts on camera with Public Agent.  She shows off her big natural tits.  The camera gets up close to her massive juggs for a real good eyeful of tit.

To keep her end of the deal Anissa drops to her knees and sucks on his big fat cock.  She has a great blowjob technique.  She can just about get most of his cock down her throat.

She is then put on all four and bent over and fucked from behind.  You really get a great view of her great ass as PublicAgent pounds her pussy from behind.

As the title suggests, Anissa Kate also gets fucked in her fishing tent.  She rides his fat dick cowgirl and reverse cowgirl in her tent.  There is a great sequence where they are fucking and some ramblers walk passed without noticing that they are having sex in the tent.

To finish the scene off, Anissa wanks Public Agents cock until he fires his cum over her huge natural tits…just before her husband returns.

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