Different Strokes Ella Knox & Xander Corvus

Different Strokes Ella Knox & Xander Corvus

Ella Knox's first porn video for Brazzers.

Ella wants a job at a massage parlour and is eager to improve her technique, so she puts out an ad for models.

The naive Xander thinks it'll be a relaxing way to help out a neighbour, but he wasn't expecting Ella to practice her strokes on his cock, too!

This sexy masseuse wants him to be FULLY satisfied, and she's eager to suck, rub and learn.

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Cassidy Banks Fucks her Boyfriend and Make Her Tits Bounce

Cassidy Banks Fucks her Boyfriend and Make Her Tits Bounce - Cassidy's Big Bouncing Tits

Seeing her man being handy around the house really got Cassidy Banks horny, so she took out her big natural tits and juicy booty to show him her appreciation.

She stroked his cock, tit fucked him, and then fucked him right there in the open!

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Fake Taxi Thai Masseuse Miss Pinay Fucks in a British Taxi

"Can you take me to the butt street?" That's what Thai stunner Miss Pinay asked me when I inquired where she wanted to go.

Almost took me for a loop, never heard Bute Street pronounced that way! Turns out she was a masseuse, which I thought was brilliant. Been getting sore, driving this taxi around all day.

I offered her a trade, a free ride for a massage, and she gleefully accepted. I found us a secluded area and got my clothes off, lying down in the backseat.

Let me tell you, this woman had magic hands! She was getting a bit cheeky, not that I was complaining, but when she said that if I gave her nice sex she would love me long time I wasn't about to say no.

I fucked her from head to toe, big tits to round arse, and the pussy was so good that I dropped a massive load right on her face. Nothing like taking care of the body, is there?

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Guy Gets Caught Fucking a Sexy Teen Student by His Wife

Guy Gets Caught Fucking a Sexy Teen Student by His Wife.

Busty college cutie Natasha Nice has always wanted to fuck her professor. She’s obsessed with him and can’t get enough of his cock! Having fucked him already, naughty Natasha wants to take things to the next level—by seducing her professor in his own home while his soon-to-be-wife is around!

This busty beauty doesn’t care if she gets Professor Dera in trouble because all she wants is for him to worship her massive tits and stick his dick between her dripping wet pussy lips

The thing about Natasha is that she doesn't play nice--she's a horny whore who just wants to get fucked and won't stop coming back for more! Will Charles succumb to this sexy slut one last time before she graduates, or will this slutty student finally get the D she's been seeking all semester?

Angela White Midnight Cowgirl Full HD Anal Sex Video

Angela White anal sex porn video. A pornstar Like it Big episode where Angela White gets fucked in the arse by Keiran Lee.

Angela White is out for a midnight stroll, when Keiran spots her. Keiran immediately recognizes Angela, he tries to act suave and she gets into his car.

Keiran starts to have second thoughts about this hookup, but Angela is already looking for her next hit of massive dick. She quickly takes matters into her own hands, pinning Keiran down and slurping down his shaft.

Angela White is determined to get her pussy stuffed, showing Keiran exactly what she means by 'Midnight Cowgirl'.

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Brazzers Getting My Hands On A MILF Bridgette B

Wow. Bridgette B is back and looking a million dollars. OMG her body, her tits and that big ass!! She is all oiled up and ready to be fucked in a Dirty Masseur porn video with Lucas Frost.

Lucas Frost is just out for a walk minding his own business when Bridgette B walks passed him. She is one of the hottest blonde MILF's she has ever seen. As she walks passed him, her boobs gentle bounce up and down. He cannot resist accidentally brushing his elbow against her left breast.

Lucas found out that this hot MILF has just moved into the same neighbourhood. He had to think of a plan to get into her knickers. He really wanted to fuck the shit out of her.

Lucas rented some massage equipment. He got a fold up massage table, all the erotic oils and a set of luxury white towels. He also bought a copy of How To Give Your Partner a Sexual Massage to read very quickly. When he thought that he could perform a sensual massage, he plucked up the courage and knocked on her front door.

Lucas convinced Bridgette B that he was a surprise masseur booked by her husband while he was away on business. Lucas told her that her husband had prepaid him for a full body massage and that she could have any extras that she wanted.

Bridgette B was a little sceptical at first, standing in her silky dressing gown, especially as she didn't have a husband. She decided to play along with this guy. He was obviously just there to try and fuck her pussy. Bridgette B had not had sex for 2 days so her pussy was ready for new cock.

Lucas got to work on Bridgette's naked body. He could not believe that he had actually talked his way into her house and had her naked within ten minutes. Little did he know that she was already ware of his plan and was going to give him everything that he could dream about.

As she laid on her front, she asked Lucas if it was about time that she rolled over so he could massage her huge tits. Lucas was lost for words. As he started to spread sensual massage oil all over her huge boobs, his cock started to show though the top of his trousers.

He could not stop gaining an erection. As the tip of his cock started to show, Bridgette B start to play with it. Lucas could feel her hand dive into his pants and play with his balls. He was in heaven. His plan had worked.

Watch Bridgette B AKA Spanish Doll, get fucked by Lucas Frost while she is covered in massage oil. Her body, tits and ass look absolutely fantastic. The scene finishes with a great cumshot all over her big tits. The only thing missing from this scene is a bit of anal.

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The Second Cumming: Part 2 Brandi Love and Brett Rossi

I've already reviewed The Second Cumming Part One, so I'm more than happy to bring you part two. This time Brandi Love herself is in this scene. Brandi Love, Bret Rossi and Keiran Lee altogether to make one great threesome porn video.

Brett Rossi is back talking to Dr Lee about her belief that she is in fact Brandi Love. In part one Keiran Lee fucks her to find out if she really can fuck like Brandi Love. His conclusion was not conclusive.

Keiran Lee decides to contact Brandi Love directly. He needs her to come and take a look at Brett Rossi and find out is she can shed any light on this strange occurrence. Brandi Love arrives at Dr Lee's clinic to help him with his medical analysis.

After observing some of the footage from last weeks sex session where Keiran Lee fucked Brett Rossi, Brandi can see that Miss Rossi really does have some of the pornstar moves that make Brandi such a huge hit in the porn industry. Could Bret Rossi be mentally ill and actually believe that she is Brandi Love.

Keiran and Brandi decide that the best thing to do would be to allow Brett Rossi to meet Brandi Love and hopefully this will make Brett realise that Brandi Love is a real person and is very much alive and kicking.

This is exactly what Brett was hoping for. This was her plan all along. She just wanted to chance to meet Brandi Love and hopefully get the chance to get naked with her and fuck.

As Brett enters the clinic, she continues to act like Brandi Love. She walks like her, talks like her and flirts like her. Brandi is very impressed. But there was one thing that Miss Rossi has not shown and that was how she interacts in a lesbian sex situation.

Keiran Lee and Brandi Love explain to Brett that the only way to properly diagnose her mental illness is for her to have lesbian sex with Brandi Love. Of course Brett agreed whole heartedly. She was so keen to get her tongue stuck into Brandi Love's pussy.

This Pornstars Like It Big porn video takes place in a doctors clinic. When the storyline is set up, the sex is truely amazing. Brett Rossi and Brandi Love both look in fine form. The way Brett Rossi tries to mimic Brandi Love in a porn threesome is really well done.

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Nicolette Shea Mind Blowing Brazzers HD Video

Nicolette Shea...to much hotness for one pornstar. If you were going to create a perfect pornstar on a computer, then I would say 80% of all computer generated pornstar would look like Nicolette Shea.

She has the long blonde hair, the huge tits, the big ass, and a set of great blowjob lips. She is basically going to rule the adult industry for the next 10 years in my opinion. I would love to see Nicolette Shea take a trip to the UK and get in the back of the FakeTaxi. A Nicolette FakeTaxi video would be fucking awesome!

Until then, we are always treated to Nicolette performing in Brazzers videos. This is her 9th official Brazzers video to date. Brazzers are definitely making the most of this outstanding pornstar. This scene for Doctors Adventures, feature Nicolette playing the role of a hot assistant who is helping out in a medical experiment.

Xander Corvus is the lucky guy who is locked in a room with the stunning blonde pornstar. All he has to do is complete a simple memory test. But how could anyone concentrate when Nicolette Shea is standing over them with her big tits half hanging out. She is wearing a tight black skirt and a white blouse with the top buttons undone. Surely she must realiser that her figure is to distracting.

Nicolette's only job is to suck his cock every time he got an answer wrong. But the catch is that she must not let him cum. this is a kind of torture. Having Nicolette Shea's lips wrapped around your bell-end would he the furthest away from torture, but if you are kept on the edge of orgasm for to long, it can make a guy go crazy.

Once the test is over, Xander really needs to bust his nuts, but the door is kept locked. There is no way out. Nicolette can see that this guy is going to lose his mind if he does not unload his balls. Being a good assistant, Nicolette Shea reveals her huge boobs for Xander. He begs her not to tease him anymore. This time she let him closer. She take off her tight black skirt and pulls her panties to one side for Xander to slip his cock into.

Finally Xander is free to empty his balls. But Nicolette wants to get her own orgasm first. She slows Xander down and tells him to relax. She doesn't want him to blow his load too soon.

Watch Nicolette Shea ride his cock for all she is worth. Xander does very well not to shoot his beans to early. When the time tis right, Nicolette aims his cock at he giant tits and let Xander cover her boobs in his hot white cum.

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Brazzers The MILF Man Courtney Taylor

I would fucking love to fuck a rich MILF. Preferably in the ass. I wouldn't even care if she was ugly. But for this lucky milk man, he gets to fuck a stunning rich MILF called Courtney Taylor.

Van Wylde plays a guy who delivers milk to a rich neighbourhood. He loves delivering in the morning when he see's all the rich husbands leaving their trophy wives at home. He knows that all these rich MILFS are looking for a young guy with a big cock to fuck.

These sexy rich MILFS hardly ever get dressed. They are always just walking around their houses with silky short dressing gowns on. They don't seem to have a care in the world. They certainly don't care for their husbands. They just want their pay cheques at the end of the month and go for a day's shopping.

Courtney Taylor is so rich, that she orders a shit load of MILF just so she can bath in it. Just like Cleopatra. She thinks that bathing in milf all morning would keep her looking youthful and attract the younger guy.

Courtney Taylor Fucked in Milk

So when Van Wylde arrives to deliver the milk, Courtney Taylor demands that he takes it upstairs to the bathroom and full up her bathtub. He explains that it is something that he does not do as part of the service, but Courtney makes him an offer he can't refuse.

She tells him that if her fills her bath tub with milf, she will let him pour the fresh milk all over her sexy body. She wants somebody to pour milk over her and make her feel just like Cleopatra did back in the Egyptian times.

How could he refuse such a sexual offer. Courtney Taylor does have one of the best pair of tits in the neighbourhood. Van presumes that they are fake tits paid for by her rich husband. Van doesn't care if they are fake of not. He is just looking forward to seeing her naked in a bath tub of milk.

Check out Miss Taylor's stunning body in this MILFS Like it Big porn video called The MILF Man. She gets her pussy fucked by her milk man in her bathroom while her husband is away on business. Van Wylde fucks her tight cunt-hole as he pours fresh milk over her tits. This is her sexual fantasy. To be fucked just like Cleopatra back in Egyptian times.

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MOFOS Kama Sutra Inspired Hookup Ella Knox

When his Kama Sutra book goes missing, Ella Knox's room mate is delight to find it again...and seeing Ella masturbating at the same time. MOFOS brings us a porn video where Ella Knox is caught masturbating to her room mates Kama Sutra book.

She has never seen the book before. She was amazed at just how many sexual positions she had never tried before. She was day reaming about being fucked in all the positions that the Kama Sutra shows in graphic detail.

So when she realises that she was being watched, she didn't stop playing with her pussy. She needed to have an orgasm whether she was being watched or not. Nothing was going to stop her climaxing over the Kama Sutra.

Once she had her first orgasm, she invited her room mate in to her bedroom to collect the book. She was not even embarrassed about being caught naked and masturbating. She is sure her room mate had been spying on her before. Every time she takes a shower, her room mate is always around and pretends not to notice her her in a short towel.

Now that he had finally seen her naked, he thought that maybe this was his chance to get his big cock into her pussy. Looking at her big natural boobs really made his cock hard. Before he knew it, his cock was bulging out of the top of his pants.

Ella Know noticed the top of his penis showing. She could not help telling him that he needed to get his cock out so she could she how big it was. OMG, she thought. It was so big. She old him that she wanted to try as many positions as she could with his big cock.

There was no way that he was going to say no to that. He insisted that Ella sucked his cock before he showed her the moves from the Kama sutra. He wanted to feel her mouth around his cock. He had never fucked an Asian babe before. After she sucked his dick, she bent over ready to take his cock doggy-style. She felt his dick deep inside her cunt.

After she broke out into her first orgasm, she decided that she wanted his big cock between her big natural Asian tits. She gave him a tit-wank that nearly made him cum.

Watch Ella Knox fuck a big cock as her huge natural swing tit bounce around. She has to hold them down to stop them hitting her in the face.

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Nicolette Shea Ms Shea’s Summer School

Nicolette Shea Ms Shea's Summer School

This super sexy blonde porn star is still making waves across the adult industry. It seems that Nicolette Shea has really enjoyed her time making porn videos. Her big tits and big round butt is on show again in this Big Tits at School video.

See hot babe Nicolette Shea dressed as a sexy teacher. She is wearing glamorous black stockings and suspenders. She looks sos sexy in a pair of glasses too. Tyler Nixon is the lucky college student who gets to fuck Nicolette Shea's shaven bald pussy. She is shaven so closely that her pussy squeaks when she rubs it.

Watch her get her bald cunt fucked on the classroom desk. She is one hot teacher who loves fucking her male students in exchange for good grades.

Tyler thought he could get away without handing in his last Anatomy assignment before the semester ends. He was wrong. On the last day of school, the no-nonsense Ms. Shea subtly cuffs him to the desk before dismissing the class. She begins teasing him as she strips down, telling him to take notes on her gorgeous body. Tyler's forbidden to take his hand off the paper - but will the strict Ms. Shea let him cum?

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