Are you Addicted to Giving Blowjobs?

If you are addicted to sucking cock, then I suggest you do what Mia Malkova does and go and see a sex therapist.  Mia loves nothing more than having a big cock in her slutty mouth.  But apparently, she has been told that this addiction in not good for her.

Sure, she gets plenty of satisfaction from sucking big dick, but the therapist has told her that too much cock sucking is not good for her jaw muscles.   Can you imagine having really big jaw muscles.  David Coulthard Square JawShe would end up looking like ex-formula one driver David Coulthard (right).  Nobody would like to see the sexy Mia Malkova looking like a square head.

Mia’s sex therapist is none other than porn legend Keiran Lee (seriously, this is porn land we are talking about).  His first suggestion to Mia was to stop thinking about cock and try licking pussy.  Mia thought about it but soon realised that she didn’t enjoy licking vagina as much as she enjoyed the feeling of a bell-end sliding down the back of her throat.

Mia Malkova in a face mask

The second, and more extreme therapy, was to wear a face mask.

This Hannibal Lecter style face mask would stop any cock getting in to her mouth.  This worked for a while, until Keiran Lee got turned on by seeing Mia Malkova in a face mask.  He suddenly discovered that he had a new fetish.

Watch starring Mia Malkova and Keiran Lee

Stacey Saran Great Performance in Latest Fake Taxi

Editing Stacey Saran in Her Fake Taxi 2018 Video

I was lucky enough to edit Stacey Saran in her latest Fake Taxi video that went live on 22nd July 2018.  In this British Fake Taxi scene, Miss Saran plays a sex addict on her way to the sex clinic.

She is obviously picked up by the infamous Fake Taxi driver.  When he her’s that Stacey is on her way to the sex clinic, he also confessed to being a sex addict.

So with two self-confessed sex addicts in the worlds most famous London black cab, there was only one thing that was going to happen.

Check out Stacey Sarans amazing breasts in this 2018 Fake Taxi episode.  The tittywank that she performs on the taxi driver’s cock is simply amazing.

Creating a 1 minute porn trailer for this video was really difficult.  There are so many create one liners that made me laugh, and there is also some incredible scene sequences that I had to leave out of the trailer.

Click here for the trailer starring Stacey Saran.

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