Talk Dirty To Me Porn Advert

Talk Dirty To Me Porn Advert.

I've just seen a porn advert where I see a guy masturbating whilst on the phone. He's calling a Brazzers sex line.

Brazzers have just finished releasing a series of porn videos that feature behind the scenes at a sex chat call centre.

This porn advert show small video clips of these 1 800 Phone Sex porn videos. They have been very popular with Brazzers members.

Check out these other Porn 1 800 scenes.

Behind the Scene of a Phone Sex Office

Phone Sex Worker Visits Her Favourite Caller For Sex

Amia Miley 1 800 Phone Sex: Line 1 Full HD

Group Sex Behind the Scenes at Phone Sex Call Centre

Every Picture Tells a Story Cheating Wife Porn Advert

Every Picture Tells a Story Cheating Wife Porn Advert

A porn advert from Brazzers. This latest threesome porn advert shows a blonde wife being fucked in the arse by a younger guy.

This short video clip is taken from the original video called Photo Finish on My Tits. The female pornstar is Synthia Fixx and she gets her arse buggered by Kyle Mason.

Here is the full scene description.

Kyle can't believe he has to be in a bunch of stupid photos with his Dad and his new Stepmom. Things start to heat up fast when Synthia decided to bury Kyle's head between her massive tits during the photo shoot.

She takes it to the next level when she decides jerking him off would just make things picture perfect. Synthia can't help herself, so she takes Kyle upstairs to give her a pounding in between shots.

She's not going to be satisfied until Kyle blows his load and gives her that photo finish all over her tits.

Well This Just Got Weird! Digital Playground

Well this just got weird! Digital Playground porn ad?

In this adult porn ad a sexy housewife is obviously cheating on her dork of a husband with some bald man. When all of a sudden her husband comes home un-expectedly as his slutty wife was getting fucked by the bald guy.

Most of the sex takes place with Megan Rain stuck in the Doggy Door. Her boyfriend fucks her from behind, as she give her husband a sloppy blowjob.

The wife did not want to stop getting fucked from behind, so she started sucking her husband’s cock at the same time.

This porn advert is from Digital Playground. The original video is called Doggy Door and stars Megan Rain.

Sienna Day PublicAgent Porn Video

Sienna Day PublicAgent Porn Video

I was walking down the street when I saw Sienna waiting for the bus. She was so sexy I couldn't help but stare. I guess I was obvious about it, because she caught me pretty quickly.

I wasn't trying to be creepy, I explained, I was looking for models for a reality show. When I told her the winner would get a prize of 400 000 pounds, her tune changed quickly. I offered her some money to do a casting, and after she showed me her big boobs and her ass, I offered to show her my dick.

She got a naughty look in her eye when I pulled my cock out, so I offered her more money for a blowjob. Sucking my thick cock turned her on so much that she wanted to fuck, and her pussy was so tight I came hard inside her.

Swipe the Slate Clean: Part One Ashley Adams & Xander Corvus

Swipe the Slate Clean: Part One Ashley Adams & Xander Corvus

Tired of the dating scene, Ashley turns to her friend for advice on dealing with the bullshit. Why is it that every guy thinks she wants a relationship (when all she wants is some hot sex—with a guy who’s more than just an empty head!)?

Is that really too much to ask for? Someone fun to hang out with who can also make her moan? No, says her friend who tells her about this hot new app called ZZ Swipe. Sure, the app has its share of loser dudes with no game and lame dicks but Ashley is determined to take the risk and swipe the slate clean.

Especially, if it means possibly meeting a guy who can make her laugh and dick her down right. She’s swiping right on fun and is up for anyone—so long as they have hard abs, witty banter, and all the moves to make her drip. Could Xander have the dick she needs?

Triage These Tits Mary Jean & Johnny Sins

Triage These Tits Mary Jean & Johnny Sins

Everything is backed up at ZZ hospital when patient Mary Jean arrives to be kept overnight for observation. Since their aren't any rooms free, Dr. Sins has no choice but to triage Mary in the hallway.

When he learns that the issue involves Mary not being able to orgasm, he decides to try some alternative medicine. Now he just needs the other doctors and nurses to leave him alone.

Just so he can get use his tongue compressor on Mary's juicy pussy before unleashing his caduceus stick all over her face!

Nicolette Shea Threesome With Lana Rhoades

Nicolette Shea Threesome With Lana Rhoades

Busty blonde pornstar Nicolette Shea in a Brazzers threesome porn video. This is a Moms in Conrtrol video. Nicolette is joining a threesome with Lana Rhoades and Xander Corvus.

Xander can't believe how cheap his Dad is. He was promised a room to himself to spend spring break with his girlfriend Lana. Now he's roped in to sharing a room with his Dad and his new stepmom.

Lana figures they can still fool around, if they can dodge Nicolette's wandering eye. After everyone turns in for the night, Lana sees an opportunity to stealthily suck down on Xander's girthy member.

When Nicolette spies what's going on, she decides she's not going to let them have all the fun. Xander's going to have to share his meatstick, doubly occupying Lana and Nicolette's pussy.

When You’re Already Wet Interracial Threesome Video

When You're Already Wet

This Brazzers interracial threesome porn ad with the tagline When You're Already Wet features British pornstars Ella Hughes and Jasmine Webb. They both get fucked by skinny Spanish male pornstar Jordi El Nino Polla.

This scene takes place in an indoor swimming pool. Redhead Ella Hughes is planning on wearing her bikini all day and then fucking her new Spanish boyfriend Jordi. But when her dad's new girlfriend arrives, her plans go up in smoke.

Ella's dad's new girlfriend if a busty ebony called Jasmine Webb. She has been fucking Ella'd dad for his money. Jasmine has a great pair of tits, so she basically can fuck any guy that she chooses to.

Jasmine treats Ella like a slave. Jasmine is the ultimate nasty stepmom who is always trying to get her out of the way. This time, she wants Ella out of the way so she can seduce her boyfriend and fuck him next to the pool.

Interracial Threesome Video

Whilst Ella is away getting Jasmine a drink, Jasmine orders Jordi to rub cram on her back. Jordi thinks that he must do as he is told and starts to rub cream over her back. Jordi becomes a little nervous when Jasmine takes off her swimsuit and tells him to suck her tits.

By the time Ella Hughes returns to the pool, her boyfriend is licking her stepmom's pussy. She freaks out at first, but when Jasmine tells her to join in take part on a threesome, she realises that it would be too much of an opportunity to miss out on.

This Brazzers porn ad is taken from a Brazzers porn video called My Pool, My Ruled and was released in July 2017 under the Moms in Control brand. The scene feature Jasmine Webb squirting and Jordi El Nino Polla cuming over both of their faces in the end.

That Madison Ivy Porn Advert on PornHub

Brazzers made a big deal about the return of the legendary pornstar Madison Ivy returning to out screens and wet dreams.

23rd July 2017 marked the return of one of Brazzers most recognisable brunette pornstars. The Return of Ivy was her first porn video from Brazzers for almost 12 months. Brazzers even ran a few teaser trailers to welcome her back.

There is a great porn advert show various clips from Madison Ivy Brazzers porn videos. I'll do my best to name them for you.

Ivy's Anal Addiction
Join us on a journey to the most private recesses of Madison Ivy's mind as we explore her deepest fantasies in the most highly anticipated anal debut of the year. It seems that Madison is losing touch with reality. Her dreams seem real, and her life seems like a dream. In her latest vision, she is a to be given as a gift to a powerful man, and to spoil his conquest, she brings in Mick Blue to fuck her tight little asshole.

Ivys anal addiction

She takes his big cock in every one of her holes, stroking it, sucking it, and even jerking it off with her pretty little feet. Finally, she takes a big facial, and can finally rest easy, knowing that she's accomplished all that she set out to do. But for Madison, the question remains: what is real, and what is the fantasy?

Mirage of Ivy
Johnny Sins is wandering through the desert, lost, thirsty, and horny as ever. As his senses start to fail him, he spots an image off in the distance that's almost too good to be true: Madison Ivy in a skimpy white bikini, every inch of her tan skin dripping wet.

Madison Ivy in White Bikini

Watch as Johnny drinks of Madison's bounty, fucking her pretty face, drinking water off of her perfect little feet, and then fucking her tight pussy hard at the water's edge. After cumming all over her gorgeous face, Johnny snaps back to harsh reality, and the inescapable heat of desert sun.

Tour Of London Part One
For the first stop on Madison Ivy's big London tour, she's decided to stop in at historic Buckingham Palace. She grabs a spot on a tour bus that promises to take her to her destination, and sits down next to a big dicked stranger named Danny D. The two get along well, and neither can believe their eyes when tour guide Jasmine Jae walks in!

Porn on a London Bus

Madison, sexy seductress that she is, decides to show off a little, enticing Jasmine into an incredible threesome! Those busty sluts share Danny's dick, giving him an incredible double blowjob, and then taking turns fucking him until they cum hard. Finally, Danny gets Madison's trip off to the perfect start by showering her and Jasmine with a huge facial cumshot!

Tied Up and Spanked at the Bank
Bank Manager Deen has been trying forever to get a piece of Madison Ivy's sweet ass. But nothing he tries will bring her any closer to fucking him. Until being tied up in the vault during a random robbery gets Madison's pussy so wet, she can barely handle it.

Fucked by a Bank Robber

Once the robber clears out, she begs Deen to play the bad boy and stuff her tight box with dick.

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FAKEhub Originals Fake Masseuse Hockey Player

Czech hockey legend Pavel Velocz (Martin) suffers an injury and needs to follow a strict recovery routine if he is ever to lead his country to victory again. Part of the regimen is regular massage from a therapist.

Hoping to remain inconspicuous, Pavel makes an appointment at an exclusive spa under the name John. The receptionist, Chrissy Fox, isn't fooled by the pseudonym: this legend happens to be her dream guy! Seething with jealousy as the therapist takes Pavel to the table, Chrissy sneaks up behind the redhead and makes sure she won't be giving any massages that day.

She might not know how to heal muscles, but she does know how to massage a big dick. When Pavel finally notices who it is that is sucking his cock, he isn't about to complain.