Editing Fake Taxi Amber Jayne Fake Taxi Video 2018

Editing Fake Taxi Amber Jayne Fake Taxi Video 2018.

I’m always delighted to edit Fake Taxi videos.  Especially when they are as sexy as top British pornstar Amber Jayne.  In this scene that I edited, she is wearing a long over coat, but underneath she is just wearing a sexy underwear combination.

The storyline for this Fake Taxi video is that she gets picked up by taxi driver Pascal White.  She explains that he went to her boyfriends house to give him a sexy surprise, only to find out that he was a married man!

Amber Jayne did not want to waste her time and her sexual frustration, so she gives the taxi driver a flash of her sexy underwear.  BUT as this is a Fake taxi video, of course, the taxi driver gets more than just a flash of underwear from sexy Amber Jayne.

This Fake Taxi video was edited using Premiere Pro.  Are you looking for an experienced video editor to edit your porn videos?