Brazzers A Knob Well Done Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades has landed herself in a trick situation. She has just had a long over due massage at her favourite massage parlour. However, this was the first time that a masseur has tried to put his hands in places that they should not go.

Markus Dupree was a new masseur. He had done all the necessary courses and got all the right qualifications to be able to work at such a prestige massage parlour. He had only been working there a few weeks. Some of his colleagues have told him that Lana Rhoades was a bit of a tease. They had told him that she loves it when the male masseur's rub her ass for her. Some of them had even fingered her butthole and then fucked her for a free massage.

So when Lana Rhoades walked into her massage room for her massage, he thought his luck was in. He had never fucked any of his clients. A few of the older ladies had tries to seduce him, but he was not interested in fucking old women. He had even had gay guys asking for a happy end but he was not going to be touching any guys cock.

But if Lana was going to be looking fore a little bit extra then he was not going to say no. Lana Rhoades is really hot brunette. She has big natural tits and a sexy round ass. But what Markus really likes are her piercing icy-blue eyes.

Markus got to work on her back. She laid still and enjoyed the soothing massage that Markus was performing. Lana asked if she could take off all her clothes so she could relax and let the massage take it full course. Markus thought that this was a sure sign that Lana was asking to be fucked. Lana removed her clothes and revealed her beautiful natural 34D boobs.

Markus did his best to avert his eyes, but no man in the world was not going to look at those amazing puppies. Lana laid back down on the massage table and Markus carried on with his massage duties. His moved his hands closer and closer to her round butt. Resisting no further, her started rubbing her ass. WTF, Lana turned around and told him to keep his hands off her ass.

Markus explained that he thought she wanted a little extra. He told her that he had been told that she liked to be fucked if she could get a free massage. She was outraged. Markus then realised that he had been pranked by his colleagues. They had told him a lie, just to see if he would fall for it, and fall for it he did.

Lana Rhoades gathered her clothes and said that she was going to complain the the manager. She was so angry that she pulled on the door handle too hard and it came away in her hand. There was no way of getting out of the room.

She was still standing there in a towel. Markus could see her side boob and his cock was erect. Lana took a glance at his groin area. She was impressed by the length of his cock poking through. Markus explained that they might be trapped in the room for a while as he is the only member of staff in the building.

Lana Rhoades thought that she might as well make use of his erect cock. She was naked, he had an erection, and they were trapped in a room for a while. Sex was the only way to pass the time.

Brazzers My Cum-Hungry Mother-In-Law Ashley Downs

Oh dear. Nothing worse that walking in on your mother-in-law and finding her covered in cum. Seriously, I can't think of anything worse! Luckily for Danny D, his mother-in-law is sexy blonde British MILF, Ashley Downs.

Described as a filthy tart, Ashley is caught with cum over her face by her daughter's husband. She has just finished fucking her next door neighbour while her husband is at work. She is still dressed in sexy beige underwear and nylon tight that go up to her thigh. Danny D could not believe that his mother-in-law was such a filthy fuck loving cheat.

Ashley Downs was very embarrassed to be caught in her underwear with man juice over her face. She was desperate for Danny D not to tell his wife. She really did not want her daughter to find out that she cheats on her father on a regular basis. She fucks younger men at every opportunity.

Her pussy is still in need of cock. her next door neighbour tries to give her orgasms, but his small cock just didn't make her cum this morning. Ashley still needed satisfying. She had heard Danny D and her daughter fucking in the past. She thought that he must have a big cock to make her daughter moan and groan so much during sex.

Ashley Downs was going to risk seducing her daughter's husband to find out if he has a big cock and to briber him into keeping his mouth shut. Surely he would be easily seduced into fucking this hot milf with big British tits.

She wonders over to Danny and explains that her husband can only manage to fuck her once a week and her sexual needs are so much more. She says that she needs to be fucked at least once a day, sometimes more. Danny D is slowly starts to realise that she is coming on to him. He can't believe that his mother-in-law trying to seduce him in to bed. But he takes a long hard look at her big tits and he can feel temptation starting to rule his cock.

Could her really fuck his mother-in-law just after another guy had also fucked her? He had often fantasised about her big boobs, but that was before he married her daughter. He knew that his cock was going to give is feelings away. He could not stop his erection poking through his trousers. Ashley Downs noticed the bulge on his pants, and she knew she has succeeded.

Ashley drops to her knees and takes out Danny D's 12 inch penis. She could now understand why her daughter was so keen to marry this guy. His cock was the biggest she had ever seen.

Watch hot British MILF Ashley Downs get fucked by Danny D in this naught Brazzers My Cum-Hungry Mother-In-Law porn video. Ashley looks very sexy dressed in sexy underwear. She loves getting fucked while still wearing her nylons.

Elsa Jean & Katrina Jade Brazzers HD Video

Top blonde petite porn star Elsa Jean and Raven haired hotty Katrina Jade are giving away all their sexy secrets in a Day With a Pornstar video from Brazzers. Dressed ins sexy red bikini's, these to top rated pornstars are ready to reveal everything to their loyal army of fans in this no holds bared porn interview.

I'm not going to giveaway what this interview contains. You will have to watch the full video to find out what sexual position make these tiny pornstar cum the fastest. They also reveal how they like to be treated by guys and girls and what is the best way to get them into bed.

Of course this wouldn't be a Brazzers porn video without actual sex, would it? So enter Keiran Lee. He has a few questions of his own that he would like to be answered. There is no better way of answering most of Keirans questions than by showing him.

Elsa Jean and Katrina Jade, film a threesome porn video with Keiran Lee. This excellent threesome is set next to a swimming pool lite by real log fires. It's a really exotic looking location. Katrina and Elsa star by giving Keiran a lesbian show. They start by giving each other slow kisses. Their hands explore each others petite bodies and their kisses become more passionate.

Eventually they both start rubbing each other pussies through the red swimsuits. When they cannot take anymore pussy teasing, they take off the swimsuits and start sucking on Keiran Lees cock. Katrina concentrates on his long shaft, while Elsa Jean sucks on on his big balls. The POV is a great sight. Two hot babes giving oral sex at the same time would be enough for most guys to blow their loads.

Watch these two hot petite pornstars ride on Keiran's cock. they both take it in turns to ride him cowgirl. Elsa Jean loves to ride it as Katrine rubs her clit at the same time. It makes her cum so quickly.

For Katrina, she love to have Keiran Lees cock in her pussy as Elsa Licks her arsehole. A big cock in her pussy and a hot blonde rimming her butthole is just pure heaven for Katrina Jade.

Find out what else these to fun loving bisexual pornstars love to get up to but watching Elsa Jean and Katrina Jade fuck Keiran Lee at the same time.

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Nicolette Shea Mind Blowing Brazzers HD Video

Nicolette much hotness for one pornstar. If you were going to create a perfect pornstar on a computer, then I would say 80% of all computer generated pornstar would look like Nicolette Shea.

She has the long blonde hair, the huge tits, the big ass, and a set of great blowjob lips. She is basically going to rule the adult industry for the next 10 years in my opinion. I would love to see Nicolette Shea take a trip to the UK and get in the back of the FakeTaxi. A Nicolette FakeTaxi video would be fucking awesome!

Until then, we are always treated to Nicolette performing in Brazzers videos. This is her 9th official Brazzers video to date. Brazzers are definitely making the most of this outstanding pornstar. This scene for Doctors Adventures, feature Nicolette playing the role of a hot assistant who is helping out in a medical experiment.

Xander Corvus is the lucky guy who is locked in a room with the stunning blonde pornstar. All he has to do is complete a simple memory test. But how could anyone concentrate when Nicolette Shea is standing over them with her big tits half hanging out. She is wearing a tight black skirt and a white blouse with the top buttons undone. Surely she must realiser that her figure is to distracting.

Nicolette's only job is to suck his cock every time he got an answer wrong. But the catch is that she must not let him cum. this is a kind of torture. Having Nicolette Shea's lips wrapped around your bell-end would he the furthest away from torture, but if you are kept on the edge of orgasm for to long, it can make a guy go crazy.

Once the test is over, Xander really needs to bust his nuts, but the door is kept locked. There is no way out. Nicolette can see that this guy is going to lose his mind if he does not unload his balls. Being a good assistant, Nicolette Shea reveals her huge boobs for Xander. He begs her not to tease him anymore. This time she let him closer. She take off her tight black skirt and pulls her panties to one side for Xander to slip his cock into.

Finally Xander is free to empty his balls. But Nicolette wants to get her own orgasm first. She slows Xander down and tells him to relax. She doesn't want him to blow his load too soon.

Watch Nicolette Shea ride his cock for all she is worth. Xander does very well not to shoot his beans to early. When the time tis right, Nicolette aims his cock at he giant tits and let Xander cover her boobs in his hot white cum.

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Brazzers Ex Sex Ashley Adams and Cassidy Klein

OMG, Ashley Adams and Cassidy Klein almost look like twins in this latest Hot and Mean lesbian porn video from Brazzers. The both have long brown hair and sexy dark brown eyes. In this scene they play former lesbian lovers who share the same house.

They have been sharing the house because not one of them can afford to move out and find a new place to live. Ashley Adams is the ex-girlfriend that doesn't want to get back together with Cassidy Klein. Cassidy really wants to try and get the relationship back up and running.

One afternoon, Cassidy thinks that she might of finally persuaded Ashley to get back together again. They share a steamy lesbian sex session in the bathroom. they were both naked in the bathroom at the same time time and Ashley was in the mood for lesbian sex. She presumed that Cassidy knew this was just no strings attached sex.

She presumed wrongly. So when Ashley had her fill of lesbian orgasms, she just left Cassidy laying on the floor and went to get dressed. Cassidy wanted to know where she was going. Ashley delivered her the final bombshell with she told her that she was getting ready to go out on a date with a man.

In Brazzers Ex Sex, Cassidy was left heartbroken. She was certain that the sex they just had in the bathroom was a sign that Ashley was ready to kick off their lesbian relationship all over again with a clean slate. She was wrong.

Ashley left the house leaving Cassidy sobbing. But this was not going to be the end of it. Cassidy began to think that maybe she was too much of a push over...maybe she should start standing up for herself and being more dominant around the house. When Ashley returned, Cassidy was going to show her how demanding she could be.

Brazzers Ex Sex shows Ashley Adams returned to the house alone. She realised that men are not her type. this was the last time that she would agree to date aa guy. She just loved pussy too much. She looked around the house for Cassidy. She found her naked on the bed, fingering herself. Ashley was stunning. She had never seen her do that before. Cassidy was alway a little shy in bed. When Ashley tried to join her in bed, Cassidy told her to fuck off, she didn't need her to help her cum.

Ashly had never seen this dominant side of Cassidy before, and she loved it. Ashley was now begging for the first time. She was getting so turned on watch Cassidy play with her pussy.

Finally Cassidy let Ashley get between her legs and lick her pussy. She told her what to do in bed for the first time ever. Now this was a lesbian relationship that Ashley could live with.

Brazzers The Allure of Azure Vivian Azure

Another day, another Brazzers debut. Today we get the first look of a stunning brunette with big tits. Her name is Vivian Azure and she is getting fucked by Keiran Lee. She gets her pantyhose ripped open and her pussy penetrated.

Vivian Azure's big boobs maybe fake, but at first glance they look like a really good pair of fakes. I had to double check her stats just of confirm whether or not her juicy big breast were fake or not.

So Vivian is making her Brazzers debut in a Brazzers Exxtra scene. Just by looking a the photos, I am instantly drawn to her sexy blue eyes. The POV blowjob is fantastic. When this beautiful brunette rookie pornstar looks up at the camera with those baby blue eyes, erections everywhere will be at maximum stiffness.

I'm really taken in by Vivian Azure. I really hope that this is not the last we see of her. I do like brunettes, and it's not very often you get a hot brunette with sparkling blue eyes.

In this Brazzers The Allure of Azure scene, she is wearing a pair of black nylon pantyhose that go from her toes all the way up to her waist line. Her body is oiled up and is shinning under the studio lights. At first I thought this was a Big Wet Butts scene.

The way her body is oiled, it looked as though she was getting prepared for an anal sex video. It's not very often that a pornstar make her Brazzers debut with an anal sex scene. I think Brazzers like to hold that back for another day. If the pornstar becomes popular then an anal sex scene will create a lot of interest in the future.

There is not much to tell about the storyline of Vivian Azure's Brazzers debut. The sex takes place on a white leather sofa. Keiran Lee has to rip open her black pantyhose to reveal her pussy and ass. Not only does she has a big pair of tits, but when her pantyhose are ripped open, you get to see her wonderful big round ass.

The I look at this porn scene, the more I am impressed with Vivian. Brunette, blue eyes, big tits, and a stunning rear end. Yep, she is going to be keep me waiting for more. I really hope that Brazzers bring her back very soon. I really want to see more of those blue eyes looking up a the camera while sticking a big cock in her mouth.

Brazzers All Hands on Dick Ella Hughes and Gia Paige

Teens Like it Big is a wash with some of the very best teen porn videos on the internet. Any pornstar that has a fresh looking face will undoubtfully be cast in a Teens Like it Big video. Even porn legend Madison Ivy has appeared in a TLIB porno back in April 2008.

This latest Teens Like it Big video called All Hands on Dick stars British redhead Ella Hughes and brunette hotty Gia Paige. They both get fucked by Jessy Jones.

Jessy Jones is paying a visit to his parents house after a long time away at college. He realises that his parents need a bit of help around the house. He plays the ideal son by making sure that the garden is mowed and tidied and their cars are fixed and cleans.

What he didn't realise was that all the time he was doing the chores in the garden, he was being watched by two hot teen babes. They were new to the neighbourhood and had never seen Jessy before. The small neighbourhood definitely lacked good looking men. Ella Hughe and Gia Paige have not been fucked since they moved to their new house.

So after watching Jessy Jones working tirelessly in his garden without his top on, these two sex staved teens knew that they would have to fight each other to get their hand on him. They both meet Jessy as he is mowing the front garden. They flirt outrageously with him. They were making it very obvious they they wanted him to fuck them. They even both went home and changed into tiny bikini's just to get his attention.

But all these extra chores had made Jessy very tired. He knew that he would be fucking one of these flirtatious teens in the next few days.

That night, Ella Hughes decided that she wanted to be the one who would get the first ride on Jessy's cock. She crept up to his open bedroom window and tried to climb through. Just as she was about to go through the window, she felt a hand grab her shoulder. She thought that she had been caught by the police. She turned around and was relieved to see that is was not the police. It was Gia Paige. She had also decided to try and get into Jessy's bedroom for a fuck.

There was only one way that they would settle this, and that would be by fucking him together at the same time. Jessy Jones woke up to find two hot babes climbing in through his bedroom window. He thought that he must be dreaming. If this was a dream then he did not want to wake up. Gia Paige and Ella Hughes both suck his dick at the same time. It was the first time he had ever had a double blowjob.

This is a great teen threesome porn video featuring two sexy pornstars with great bodies.

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Brazzers I Don’t Eat Out Elsa Jean and Nina Elle

Elsa Jean is one of my new favourite blonde porn stars. Her petite body, long blonde hair and sexy little smile has brought her to my attention. If you are a Elsa Jean fan like me, then you definitely need to be following her on Instagram. The account is full of really sexy non nude photos of her.

So, as you can imagine, I was delighted to see her in a new Brazzers threesome porn video with Nina Ella and Lucas Frost. To be honest, I was very surprised to see Nina Ella cast as a MOM so soon in her porn career. I don't think she is quite ready to be called a MILF just yet.

But as I watch Brazzers I Don't Eat Out, I soon realise that Nina is in face a stepmom. So she isn't actually a biological mom of either Lucas or Elsa, so it work out right. Having Nina and Elsa together, both with blonde hair, make the promotional photos look great.

So what id this scene all about then? Well, Lucas is Elsa Jeans boyfriend. The problem for Elsa is that Lucas refuses to lick her pussy. He claims that he had a very unfortunate incident the last time he tried eating pussy with his ex-girlfriend. I'm not sure what could cause such a trauma? The only think I could possibly imagine is that his girlfriend must of started her period mid-pussy eating. That would put my off for a while to be fair.

Over hearing the conversation about his pussy eating problem, his stepmom, Nine Elle walks into the bedroom. Lucas and Elsa both rush to cover up as they were just in their underwear. Nina puts their minds at rest by saying that she has no problem with them having sex whilst she is in the house. In fact Nina told them that she was there to help. She understood that young coupes sometimes struggle with oral sex. It takes a lot of experience to get it right every time.

Nina takes her clothes off and shows Lucas where to lick. She give him an oral sex lesson whilst his girlfriend looks on. Elsa watches her boyfriend lick his stepmoms pussy. Rather than being jealous, Elsa was very grateful. Know she can get her pussy licked precisely how it should be.

Brazzers I Don't Eat Out continues into a real sexy threesome between a stepmom, her stepson and his girlfriend. Of course Elsa Jean looks a million dollars, and she spends a good deal of time rimming Nina Elle's arsehole while Lucas is fucking her arse.

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Brazzers Sit On It And Spin Abella Danger

Fucking fidget spinners. They are fucking everywhere right now. Now look...there is even a fidget spinner in Abella Danger's ass!

Brazzers have created another anal sex video designed around the fidget spinner craze. Fuck knows how fidget spinners are still 'a thing'. I believe that they were initially designed to help keep autistic children's minds occupied. But now every other child has one.

I even read somewhere that there had been a warning issued about the fuck do they explode?? I pretty sure they are not supposed to powered by anything!

Now that I have got that off my chest, let's talk about this new Big Wet Butts porn video starring Abella Danger and Markus Dupree. As it is a Big Wet Butts video, we are sure that it is going to feature plenty of anal action...and we are certainly not disappointed.

Abella Danger is wearing a pair of pink rimmed glasses. I can't even notice if there is any real glass in the glasses, but I thin Brazzers use them as a prop. Brightly rimmed glasses really stand out when used on promotional material such as porn adverts or thumbnails. They also make the pornstar look younger and give the video a teenie bopper style look.

As I mentioned earlier, this Brazzers Sit On It And Spin porn video features a fidget spinner. Brazer have been able to get a custom made fidget spinner with their logo on it. They have then attached the spinner to a big black butt plug. Naturally, the buttplug is inserted into Abella Danger's arse, and the fidget spinner can still be spun.

So as much as I detest the commercialisation of fidget spinners, I do like what Brazzers have done in this scene. Bringing together a latest craze, a hot teen pornstar and anal sex all in one great Big Wet Butts porn video.

This is Abella Danger's 21st Brazzers porn video to date. After making her anal debut in Brazzers Abella's Ass is in Danger, she has continued to feature in some of the best examples of anal sex on the internet. Her big round ass and tiny waist make her a perfect pornstar for any video.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing much more of her arse getting penetrated by big cocks in the very near future!

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Brazzers The Second Cumming: Part 1 Brett Rossi

When I first saw this title of Brazzers latest porn video, I thought they were going to be controversial and make a religious porn video. The title The Second Cumming staring Brett Ross and Keiran Lee could of been a porn video about the second coming of Jesus Christ.

But not even Brazzers would dare to make a religious porn parody! Could you imagine the uproar if ANY porn producers decided to poke fun at Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Sikhism, etc etc.. They would probably get a huge amount of publicity, but would it be the right kind of publicity? They do sat that any publicity is good publicity.

Fear not, because Brazzers The Second Cumming: Part 1 is not a religious porn parody. It's actually a new scene from Pornstars Like it Big. Blonde babe Brett Rossi genuinely believes she is the second cumming of super star porn star Brandi Love.

She has to go and see Dr Keiran Lee to find out if she can rid herself from this crazy idea. Even in the doctors surgery, Brett Rossi acts as though she is a big boobed MILF pornstar. She just wants to show Dr Lee that she can fuck just like Brandi Love.

Dr Keiran Lee is a big fan of pornstar Brandi Love, so he locks the door and decides to find out how much like Miss Love Brett Rossi is. Can Miss Rossi make her pussy grind on his cock just like Brandi does in all her porn videos.

Watch as Brett Rossi does everything she can to convince Keiran Lee that she is in fact the second cumming of Brandi Love. She is wearing a full body fish net stocking that is very tight on her perfectly formed body. Keiran Lee has no problem what-so-ever in maintaining her impressive erection as he fucks Brett Rossi in her wet cunthole, as she tries to show off her impersonation of Brandi Love.

Will Brett Rossi be able to copy all the sexual moves that Brandi Love pulls off in over 30 exclusive Brazzers videos? Keiran Lee has fucked many pornstars so he knows all their little tricks. He must find out whether Brett Rossi really is the Second Cumming or whether she is just a fucking crazy-assed-bitch.

Brett Rossi certainly does do a great job in trying to copy porn moves from Brandi Love, but will it be enough to make Keiran Lee believe in the Second Cumming?

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Brazzers Boot Camp Osa Lovely Interracial Porn Video

Ebony porn star Osa Lovely has been treated to an all expenses paid, fitness workout from the drill sergeant Johnny Sins. Sergeant Sins pays a home visit to Osa to give a real hardcore workout.

Osa Lovely really enjoys keeping fit. As a well-known ebony pornstar, she has to make sure that her body is always in tip top shape. She loves to perform on camera looking her very best.

So she was very excited at the prospect of being put though her paces by the highly recommended fitness instructor Johnny Sins. All of her girlfriends have been given a thorough workout by Johnny and he never fails to get the ladies to work up a sweat.

As soon as Johnny got to work on Osa, she knew that he was no ordinary fitness instructor. She had never been treated with such distain. She was expecting to be treated like a customer, not as a new recruit in the army. Osa Lovely did exactly what Sergeant Sins ordered her to do. She was really pushing her sexy body to the limit.

Eventually Miss Lovely had to stop an take a break. Johnny was not very impressed with her attitude. Osa begged Johnny for a break. Johnny explained that non of the MILF in her neighbourhood have quite on him. He told her that he would be telling all the hot MILF in the street that she could not complete the workout.

Osa could not allow that to happen. She did not want to be the only MILF in the neighbourhood who is not as fit as the others. She tried to start again but her legs and arms were too tied. Her stamina was gone.

Osa ask Johnny if there was anything she could do to keep his mouth shut about her lack of fitness. Of course there was...she would just have to suck his cock. Osa, was hot and sweaty, but also turned on by Johnny's muscles. She wondered how big his cock was. Osa agreed to Johnny's deal and she got on her knees and gave him an ebony sloppy blowjob.

As Osa Lovely sucked away, she suddenly gained her stamina back. She could feel her pussy juices oozing though her panties. She knew that she would have to ride his big fat cock before she could let him leave.

Was Ebony pornstar Osa Lovely ride Johnny Sin's big cock. She gets her pink pussy fucked whilst wearing just a pair of white trainers.

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