Can Pornstars Make Money on YouTube?

Can Pornstars Make Money on YouTube?

I have recently had 6 months experience working with some high profile YouTubers.  I have really enjoyed working on the YouTube platform.

Can Pornstar do YouTube

This has got me wondering whether pornstars can actually make a successful side career as a YouTuber.

What would it take for a Pornstar to make a successful YouTube channel?

Obviously no nudity would be allowed.  YouTube have a very strict no nipple policy and YouTube are also doing their best to be a family friendly media platform.

However, I think there is scope of pornstar to create a successful YouTube channel.  With exciting editing, great looking and sexy thumbnails, frequent updates, I believe that pornstars would be able to generate a lot of interest and gain a lot of subscribers very quickly.

Pornstars are already able to create large amount of followers on social media such as Instagram, which also has a very strict no nipple or nudity policy, so I believe that using the same constricts, pornstars could actually make a successful attempt at building a YouTube channel.

Is there porn on YouTube already?

There are already some pornstars and porn brands that have made a successful attempt at a YouTube channel.  Pornstars such as , and producers such as have YouTube channels that have a large amount of followers without being banned from YouTube.

If you are a pornstar that would like to have your own YouTube channel, then I would love to hear from you.  I would be very interested in working with you.  I believe that I could help you build a YouTube channel, with my editing experience.

Vlogging for YouTube is relatively straight forward.  If you are already able to have sex in front of a camera or webcam, then I'm sure you would have no problem talking to a camera and recording your daily life.

Hit me up on Twitter or email me [email protected] and we can talk more about setting up your YouTube channel.  You would need to have over 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours of watch time before you can monetise your channel, but I'm sure that would not take long to achieve.