Brazzers A Knob Well Done Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades has landed herself in a trick situation. She has just had a long over due massage at her favourite massage parlour. However, this was the first time that a masseur has tried to put his hands in places that they should not go.

Markus Dupree was a new masseur. He had done all the necessary courses and got all the right qualifications to be able to work at such a prestige massage parlour. He had only been working there a few weeks. Some of his colleagues have told him that Lana Rhoades was a bit of a tease. They had told him that she loves it when the male masseur's rub her ass for her. Some of them had even fingered her butthole and then fucked her for a free massage.

So when Lana Rhoades walked into her massage room for her massage, he thought his luck was in. He had never fucked any of his clients. A few of the older ladies had tries to seduce him, but he was not interested in fucking old women. He had even had gay guys asking for a happy end but he was not going to be touching any guys cock.

But if Lana was going to be looking fore a little bit extra then he was not going to say no. Lana Rhoades is really hot brunette. She has big natural tits and a sexy round ass. But what Markus really likes are her piercing icy-blue eyes.

Markus got to work on her back. She laid still and enjoyed the soothing massage that Markus was performing. Lana asked if she could take off all her clothes so she could relax and let the massage take it full course. Markus thought that this was a sure sign that Lana was asking to be fucked. Lana removed her clothes and revealed her beautiful natural 34D boobs.

Markus did his best to avert his eyes, but no man in the world was not going to look at those amazing puppies. Lana laid back down on the massage table and Markus carried on with his massage duties. His moved his hands closer and closer to her round butt. Resisting no further, her started rubbing her ass. WTF, Lana turned around and told him to keep his hands off her ass.

Markus explained that he thought she wanted a little extra. He told her that he had been told that she liked to be fucked if she could get a free massage. She was outraged. Markus then realised that he had been pranked by his colleagues. They had told him a lie, just to see if he would fall for it, and fall for it he did.

Lana Rhoades gathered her clothes and said that she was going to complain the the manager. She was so angry that she pulled on the door handle too hard and it came away in her hand. There was no way of getting out of the room.

She was still standing there in a towel. Markus could see her side boob and his cock was erect. Lana took a glance at his groin area. She was impressed by the length of his cock poking through. Markus explained that they might be trapped in the room for a while as he is the only member of staff in the building.

Lana Rhoades thought that she might as well make use of his erect cock. She was naked, he had an erection, and they were trapped in a room for a while. Sex was the only way to pass the time.

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