SexyHub Sexy blonde in fishnets and heels

SexyHub Sexy blonde in fishnets and heels


When you're dating a sexy blonde like Florane Russel you want to spoil her, so Dom rents a hotel room right in the center of the city and takes the MILF out on the town.

Appreciative of the day they're about to spend together, Florane dresses in her finest lingerie and reveals herself to Dom with her big tits barely covered. The couple embrace as Dom feels Florane's big booty through her fishnets.

Rewarding her man, Florane gives Dom a blowjob, then he eats her pussy. Bending her over on the white chair in the hotel room, Dom fucks Florane doggystyle, then cums deep inside of her with a creampie!

Fake Taxi Brunette takes deep anal cock

Fake Taxi Brunette takes deep anal cock

If Melissa Medisson's big tits hadn't caught my attention as I pulled around the corner, it would've been her sexy long legs and tight arse! Melissa was from Prague, but now lived in the UK, and was on her way to a posh Italian restaurant.

I figured that meant she had already been in a cab, which was true, but she was also interested in our little tradition so she could save a few pounds for lunch. When she showed me her pussy, I offered to pay for her whole lunch if I could jump in the backseat and have some fun with her.

Melissa loved the idea so I ate her out, then she gave me a horny blowjob. I fucked her pussy on the backseat and her arse over the front. Finally, fucking her doggystyle from outside the car, I stretched her arsehole and came in it!

SexyHub Mexican fucked on the massage table

SexyHub Mexican fucked on the massage table


Mexican honey Frida Sante has booked herself a session with therapist Max, and waits for the stud's strong hands while sitting on the table. Max kneels behind Frida, then begins to rub her shoulders and stretch her arms.

Moving to the next stage of the massage, Max lies Frida face down on the table, then covers her big booty with the small white towel. Max pours oil on her back and rubs it in gently, giving Frida a full view of his big cock which she then grabs with both hands.

While Frida gives Max a blowjob, he rubs her pussy, then rubs her clit and fucks her missionary style. As Frida's big boobs bounce while Max fucks her doggystyle, Max orgasms with a creampie deep inside of her!

World Cup Fever and Porn Go Hand in Hand

World Cup Fever and Porn Go Hand in Hand

Every time the World Cup comes around, so do the soccer themes porn videos.  We all love to see sexy pornstar dressed in very short shorts or silky tight soccer uniforms.

FakeHub Originals have done their part to keep up the the world cup theme porn tradition, as they bring together, Steve Q and the sexy Alexa Nova.

Video Editing Fake Taxi Scene Featuring Cassie Del Isla

Video Editing Fake Taxi Scene Featuring Cassie Del Isla.

The first thing I should say about this scene is WOW, what an incredible body Cassie Del Isla has.  This French pornstar amazed me when she started stripping off after the Fake Taxi driver gave her the opportunity for a free taxi ride.  He gave her the story about it being a tradition that if a foreign woman flashes her tits, she gets a free ride.

Not only did I get to edit Cassie Del Isla whilst watching her fantastic body, I was also treated with it being a great anal sex FakeTaxi video.  John the British taxi driver had to really concentrate to stop himself from cuming in her tight little butthole.

I will remember editing this classic anal sex FakeTaxi video for a long time to come.  Her body and her anal sex technique was a real pleasure to watch and edit.

Anal sex with a French babe edited by XXXVideoEditor

Editing the Fabulous Jai James for Fake Driving School

Editing the Fabulous Jai James for Fake Driving School.

It's always a pleasure editing one of your favourite British ebony pornstars.  I have edited , so I was really happy to oblige once more.

This Fake Driving School video starring Jai James started in one of the heaviest snow storms to hit UK for years.  Driving instructor Ryan Ryder can hardly see out of the window to be able to pick up Jai from the side of the street.  But luckily, Jai James has an enormous pair of breast that stand out like a beacon!

Once inside the infamous orange FDS learner car, Jai puts on a great performance as a diva business woman who believes that she should just be able to be given a driving licence.  She has no intention of trying to learn to drive.

With Jai James' fantastic cleavage on show, it was no surprise that this scene will be remembered for her huge boobs bouncing as she ride Ryan Ryder's big cock on the back seat of the learner car.

I really enjoyed Jai's character in this interracial Fake Driving School video.  I'm hoping that she will be back very soon in another FakeHub porn video.

Jai James's FakeDriving School video was edited by XXXVideoEditor.

Editing Public Agent Megan Inky

Editing Public Agent Megan Inky

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a big fan of heavily tattooed women.  However, if the woman is a big breasted super babe, then I’m happy.  So take a look at the boobs on Megan Inky…yes, they are covered in tattoo’s, but they are a fine pair of tits.

Not only does she has a whopping pair of front bumpers, she also has a fantastic looking ass.  When she lifts up her skirt she reveals that she is not wearing panties, but just a pair of crutch-less fish net stockings.  Her ass was also covered in tats too.

With a pornstar name like Megan INKY I should of known that this scene would have a tattoo theme running straight through it.

This video was edited by XXXVideoEditor.

Editing the Anissa Kate Public Agent Video Smashed 10 Million on PornHub

Editing the Anissa Kate Public Agent Video Smashed 10 Million on PornHub

I remember editing this Public Agent outdoor sex scene very well.  Who could possibly forget Anissa Kate's amazing pair of big tits? As I was uploading new videos to PornHub, I noticed that this tube video that I edited has now been seen over 10 million times.

This video features top .  She is playing the part of a hot wife that is left alone by the side of a lake, fishing! FISHING?  yes, fishing.

Her husband has left her standing with the rod in her hand while he goes to the shops to buy some food for the evening camp fire.  Miss Kate is wearing a FakeTaxi snap back cap.  when Public Agent approached her from behind.  He explains that he is a Fake Taxi fan too.

As they get talking, her whopping big boobs become too much of a distraction.  Her cleavage is out for all to see.  As it is a Public Agent porn scene, the subject of sex soon raises it's head.  She is offered a lot of cash to get her big juices fun bags out for the Public Agent to have a play with.

While her husband is away, she takes the opportunity to earn some extra cash and gets on her knees to perform a high class blowjob in POV style.

If you like sexy brunette women with massive boobs, then Anissa Kate is the perfect pornstar for you.

Porn Video Editing For Fake Driving School Anna DeVille

Porn Video Editing For Fake Driving School Anna DeVille

Anna De Ville starring with Ryan Ryder in a Fake Driving School Video June 2018

I have edited a scene featuring Anna Deville before.  That porn scene was for Fake Cop and it was called One of the reasons why I remember her is because during the filming in a barn, a wild bird tried to land on her leg!

I remember thinking a the time that Anna De Ville must have a very deep ass, because she was able to take the FakeCop's cock in her arse all the way to the base.

I this Fake Driving School video Miss Deville once again takes a big cock in her arse.  But this time it's from a fake driving instructor, rather than a fake cop.

I really enjoyed editing this Fake Driving School video.  I love her American accent, and the fact that see was wearing a white see-through t-shirt through most of the comedy section really help to 😉

It was really clever of Ryan Ryder to incorporate Anna's American nationality into a British porn video.  Using the fact that she needed a driving licence to use as a form of ID when she is 'modelling' was very well thought out.

Anna Deville will also be performing in a Fake Taxi video which will be available to watch online at the end of June.  I can only presume that she will, once again, be taking a big cock in her tight American ass.

I am now off to start editing a porn video for Fake Agent.  I am also available as a freelance porn video editor.

Video Editing Fake Taxi Abigail Ash

Video Editing Fake Taxi Abigail Ash

Abigail Ash and Michael Fly star in

I really enjoy editing official Fake Taxi videos. It's always a pleasure to be part of such a world wide famous porn site. It is a real claim to fame.

This Fake Taxi scene star the very hot Abigail Ash. She really tries hard to speak her very best English, and her accent is very sexy.

She takes the role of a physiotherapist who offers to help out the taxi driver by taking a look at his foot that he injured during a soccer game.

The taxi driver pulls over so Abigail can give her diagnosis on his foot. She tells him that his foot is slightly bruised. But as the taxi driver put his socks back on, Abigail's hand brush his cock. She was taken by surprised about just how big hic cock felt.

She wanted a better look at his cock. She was very interested in seeing how much swelling his cock would produce when she popped it in her mouth.

The Fake Taxi Abigail Ash video called Lucky taxi drivers physio fuck was edited by me, XXXVideoEditor. I'm a freelance video editor who has over 6 years experience in editing top rated adult videos.